Open the door to change your life with To Leave for PS4!

To Leave

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Indie Adventure Game

It’s no secret that life in big cities could be sometimes stressful. During the last years, many types of research have highlighted that city-living could be linked to depression and anxiety. Compared to people who live in the countryside, the big city dwellers are hyperactive in a region of the brain called the amygdala, which is linked to these mental states.
Obviously, with billions of people who live on Earth, something who annoys one person won’t necessarily annoy another. But what if the hypercompetitive and non-stopping megalopolis of Pyre in which you’re living would try to – literary – devour you? Well, in this case, you should find a way to leave it forever!
In To Leave for PS4, you’re Harm, a lonely man who lives a sophisticated life in the world biggest megalopolis. Requiring a big dose of nerves, you’re a workaholic man which has the annual membership cards of all the museums, and paying too much for a tiny apartment. To have a break from this chaotic life, one day Harm developed a flying door that could bring him everywhere in the city. Help him to overcome all the adversities that a man is forced to fight during his life.

To Leave for PS4 is a brand new type of adventure strongly focused on the holistic philosophy. Using the flying door, you must explore every single corner of Pyre.  Gather the souls of the inhabitants helping all of them to reach the heaven – whatever it is.
In this tough & unique game, everything has been wisely crafted to challenge not only your senses, but also your intuitions, and perceptions in a very original way. Lovely filled with bizarre scenes, mind-shaking puzzles and 100% arcade-style sessions. To Leave for PS4 is a different game for different people. Explore all the locations in search of the souls.  Try to master the Pyrecal law of physics moving the flying door to the highest points of the city using the gravity savvy to reach that certain point that will allow you to proceed in your quest.

In a world where everything could be indecipherable or crystal clear. You must decide both for yourself and for all the other hopeless people who are looking for a help from you. The innovative Dynamic Storytelling feature will let you live many different experiences in which every move has a double meaning, the literary, and the hidden symbolic ones. Thanks to this peculiar system, To Leave for PS4 is an almost endless game developed to improve both intellectual and physical abilities playing with a never-seen-before title.
In addition, its intriguing plot, compulsive problem-solving mechanics, fantastic graphics, animation, and music will immerse yourself in a dreamy textured world. You’re the key to save the fellow citizens from an unspeakable catastrophe!

With your strong heart and your shining flying door, choose carefully your path throughout the city’s sinister streets. Along the way, you’ll discover strange and wondrous items that could give you a big hand or an instantaneous death…
Danger awaits you in To Leave for PlayStation 4. But beware, in Pyre any uncalculated move could be your last!


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