Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Season Pass & First Paid DLC, Announced!

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

PS4™ & XOne™ – JAPAN, ASIA, EU, US, AU

Hi there Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet fans! Bandai Namco recently gave an update on the upcoming first paid DLC of the game. It will be called, Ambush of the Imposters. In Japan, it is also known as Champion of Gunfire. Ambush of the Imposters is slated for an April 26 release on PS4 and XOne. While for Steam, it will get a day later release which is on April 27th.

In line with this, Bandai Namco also announced a free update for the SAO: Fatal Bullet Season Pass. It is set to release at an earlier date, April 25th. This update will include two new DLCs called – “Betrayal Of Comrades” and “Collapse Of Balance.”

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Ambush of the Imposters DLC & Season Pass Inclusions

Now, let’s talk about the first paid DLC of the game. Ambush of the Imposters will feature new elements in the game. And mind you, it’s built for a refreshing gaming experience. This includes a brand new storyline, new dungeons, and a new boss named Elemental Wizard.

Plus, there will be new characters from the Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet that will be joining the battle. And they are:

  • Yamikaze (voiced by Go Shinomiya)
  • Dyne (voiced by Satoshi Tsuruoka)
  • Musketeer X (voiced by Hibiku Yamamura)

Another feature of the expansion is the Bullets of Bullets Simulation. It is a new offline mode where the protagonist first fights Kirito and his friends 1-on-1 for three rounds. Aim to pursue the three preliminary duels for you to progress in the final 8-people battle royale.

Lastly, the 4vs4 Deathmatch Multiplayer Mode which will be available in the Hero Battle and Avatar Battle. In this feature, players can now fight in teams of four against each other without a Boss enemy.

On the other hand, the free update Season Pass for the game will feature the following adjustments:

  • Adds Deathmatch rule in Online Battles
  • Raises the level cap to 175
  • Unlocks weapon rank 8, and more

Plus, new characters will also be featured in the two included DLCs of the Season Pass.

  • “Betrayal Of Comrades” DLC – Clarence and Shirley (Alternative Gun Gale Online)
  • “Collapse Of Balance” DLC – Alice and Eugeo (Alicization)

And according to Bandai Namco, Ambush Of The Imposters is part of the Season Pass for SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET which will include future DLCs.”


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