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Record of Grancrest War

PlayStation 4™ – JAPAN


Bandai Namco Entertainment launches new pieces of information and screenshots for Record of Grancrest War. Record of Grancrest War is a tactical RPG for PlayStation 4. It’s coming this June 14, 2018. Are you ready to welcome them to Sony PlayStation console? Pre-order this game now and welcome them in June 2018!




The feels for this game is getting high as the launch is getting nearer. Otaku fans, we know you are excited about this! Thanks to Bandai Namco, we get to see some details and screenshots for Record of Grancrest War. Well then, to add up to your excitement, here’s the game updates and the screenshots.


A Grand Military Fantasy

This game mirrors the fantasy elements such as the Chaos disasters and monsters from the anime itself. Moreover, it allows players to understand and experience the world of Record of Grancrest War. In the continent of Atlatian, monsters always appear in some parts of the regions, thanks to the Chaos disaster.

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Suppress the Chaos Disaster Occurring All Over the Continent

Beware! A lot of disasters will break out throughout the continent, thanks again to Chaos. Take the challenge of the Chaos disaster to protect your people!

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There are various quests such as goblin or lizard subjugation that will appear on the map. You must battle against monsters! The game screen will have the force of an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). Learn to be on the upper hand as you command your units and switch characters.


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Quest Rewards

You get gold coins in clearing quests. Using gold coins, you spent on equipment such as weapons, soldier hires and so on.

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Powerful Chaos Disasters

Take caution as Chaos disasters are beyond imagination! Monsters with two-headed Orthros and dragons appear in places.

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Famous Scenes Will Also Reppear

Waiting for Theo and Siluca OTP interaction? Well, you know it! It will appear!

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Sub-events: A Must-See For Fans

In this game, you see the various sides of Theo and his crew through sub-events. See the everyday life of Theo as it mirrors from the anime.

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Liberate Theo’s Hometown of Sistina

Tha main character’s hometown is Sistina. Chaos brings disaster to this peaceful land. The main character, Theo sees his hometown’s current state. He leaves Sistina to obtain the power to save his people.

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Organizing Your Army

Before going to the battle you must organize and strengthen your army. One unit has a maximum of five soldiers. Its branches are assigned to anywhere based on the characters.

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Deepen Your Bonds with Comrades

Taking your comrades to the battlefield gains an increase on the friendship level. Moreover, their profiles will unlock! Deepen your bond and learn more about them!

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Well, now you see the additional game details of the game, are you excited? Let’s wait for June as pre-order this game now!

PS: Thanks Gematsu for everything!

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The Limited Edition of Record of Grancrest War is also available for pre-order. Grab yours now!

For more information about the game, please see it below.




  • Weave a Story All Your Own with Your Very Own Army – In Record of Grancrest War, you can freely compose the units you deploy onto the battlefield. Control the battlefield with your very own army, expand the territory under your control, and aim for the unification of the continent. Experience the story of Record of Grancrest War through various elements, including battles at each base, territorial rule, character growth, and the experience of the original story
  • Command Units in Real-Time and Cut Through the Battlefield With Your Own Hands with “RTS Action” – The state of war on the battlefield changes in real-time, and your decisions will have a major influence on the outcome of the battle. Command each unit and adapt to various situations, such as sieges by the enemy army and breaking through the enemy’s defenses. You can also control each character and run through the battlefield using your own actions. And it is not only a large-scale war led by military forces—battles against brutal monsters also await…
  • Theme Song – The theme song, “Takaga 100-Nen no” will be performed by Japanese pop rock / alternative rock band Aqua Timez!





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