Join the greatest heroes with DC Unchained for iOS and Android!

DC Unchained

iOS, Android Ι Genre: Superheroic Action RPG

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The world is in peril once again. Something terrible from another dimension is coming. Hundreds of armies of parademons has appeared attacking the most important cities of the planet! Gotham City, Metropolis, Central City, and many others cities are actually under attack with billions of hopeless people who are invoking for a help from the mightiest superheroes of all time!
Aiming for the multiversal domination these creatures don’t know that on Earth there are heroes and villains who can easily eradicate them to keep safe the planet from outer dimension’s invaders. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and many other super-personalities have joined forces to combat this new evil menace.
Welcome to a new era in DC Comics history with DC Unchained for iOS and Android!

Paragons of virtue, power, and [in]justice, they’re legendary for their liveliness, strength, and (obviously) incredible superpowers. DC Unchained for iOS and Android is the newest action RPG starring more than 30 characters gathered from the Infinite Earths, this is the greatest heroic crossover game for mobile devices. In this supersonic-paced action RPG, you can create your own dream time choosing whoever you want whenever you want. Take down Darkseid and his henchmen putting an end to his plans of conquering. Fight your way through the 60 large stages and level-up as much as you can. Improve each hero’s special abilities and powers. Unlock Superman’s Freezing Breath, new tech-advanced gadgets for Batman, new upgrades for the Lex Luthor’s Warsuit, and hundreds of other useful skills that will give you a very big hand to save the humankind from certain slavery.

To boost your team as fastest as ever you can also play the global Competitive Mode to challenge other players scattered in the galaxies and witness who is the very mightiest one. Don’t forget that more players will cooperate with you and more special rewards you’ll get. Think smart and act smarter. Develop the best strategy that can exploit the legendary characteristics of each team member and defeat the Darkseid’s armies in a flash! DC Unchained for iOS and Android is without any doubt an unforgettable gorgeous title for all fans of US comics history from the Golden Age to the Silver Screen. Live the DC Multiverse as never before, and experience all its glory in the most pocket-sized format!

Spanning more than 75 years of American Pop-Culture, DC Unchained proudly includes all the greatness created by illustrious artists such as Bob Kane, Martin Nodell, Joe Shuster or Harry Lampert carefully developed keeping a keen approach and an ultra-kinetic gameplay style.
Heroes and heroines, don’t leave the desperate cry for help of billions of people unheeded. Join the mightiest superhumans team and fight side by side with them everywhere with your iOS and Android device.
The planet needs you NOW!


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