Laser League available 10 May

505 Games represent a new design – Laser League will be available 10 May 2018 on PS Store pricing at USD 14.99 and USD 11.99 for PS Plus member.  Many of you maybe thought it just steals the idea from Tron, but I think its above on it. The game itself has a lot of fun mechanics, power-ups, and characters.  It requires players highly focus during the game, especially on the multiplayer mode the pace of the game just can’t you breathe.


  • Over 60 characters from 5 unique brands (Empire, Gen Hao, Silvertip, Al Shama and Beyond)
  • 6 powerful classes:
    – BLADE: Has a short-range attack which will eliminate an opponent. 
    – SMASH: A longer-range dash attack, which sends a hit opponent flying across the pitch.
    – SNIPE: Drop a marker, see a tracer line to it drawn on the pitch, and teleport back to it – eliminating anyone in your path.
    – GHOST: Activate for a few seconds of invincibility, to safely grab lasers or revive teammates.
    – THIEF: Steal a laser node that’s been activated by the opposition.
    – SHOCK: Area of effect electric shock that stuns rivals.
  • Games modes: up to 4 players per team in Local; 2v2 and 3v3 matches online
  • 2 ability modifiers per class.
  • 16 available power-ups to drastically change gameplay momentum (Including, SWITCH, DRAIN, REVIVE, REVERSE or SPEED UP)
  • Over 250 character customizations.

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