Shoot like an Egyptian with Immortal Redneck for Switch!

Immortal Redneck

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: FPS

Spanning a very long time between 3200 BC and AD 400, the gods of Ancient Egypt ruled over the humans. These strange beings lived in their own world radiating the lives of millions of men and women with their incalculable powers. Gods like Anubis, the jackal-headed conductor of the dead; Osiris, the dead god who set the rules for death-and-resurrection cycle; Thoth, the ibis-headed god of wisdom which has created the art of writing; Ptah, the living mummy; and many others left their indelible mark on history.
Even today, they have an unfaltering grip on our imagination appearing in a lot of movies, comic books, and video games.
Brought by the mystical wind of the desert, a new tale of Gods, Goddesses, Monsters, and Mortals is arriving on Nintendo Switch, the roguelike FPS Immortal Redneck!

AD 2018 – Giza Plateau – After a tragic deadly crash in the middle of the desert, a young man has been resurrected as a living mummy by the Ancient Gods. Armed with a couple of large-caliber guns and confused by his new state of existence, this redneck is determined to find who dared to wrapped him with hundreds of meters of good old, stinky bandage. Attacked from all the directions by mythological monstrous guards, he’ll shoot his way to discover what’s is really happened to him, and why he has been chosen by the gods!
In Immortal Redneck for Switch you can bring total destruction in nine different ways, worship your favorite God choosing between the God of Storm Seth, the God of Strenght Api, the devourer of the dead Ammit, the Goddess of Mining Hathor, the Hidden One Amunet, the God of Knowledge Thot, the Goddess of Healing Sekhmet, the Goddess of Hunting Neith…and the most powerful of all the Lord of Mayhem Redneck. Each one will give you a unique array of divine skills and abilities that will make your mission more exciting than ever.

Run and gun across three huge and mysterious procedurally-generated pyramids. In there monsters spawned from the other dimension will try to kill you forever to please their master. Wrap into Redneck’s bandage and with your arsenal built by 50+ kind of legendary weapons, you’ll hack, blast, and annihilate all those nasty creatures. But aim them right because entire hordes will attack you simultaneously from the air, land, and water. Luckily some gods love you, and they’ll give you a hand granting special power-ups like invulnerability, more damage, and improved speed, even if for a fixed amount of time.
Develop your avatar to the maximum power unlocking even new powerful skills, and you’ll surely experience some of the craziest stunts and insane WTF-moments ever recorded in an Ancient Egyptian papyrus!

Catch up the ultimate FPS action both alone or with a bunch of friends. Explore, discover, and then pull the trigger! Enter in the dark corridors of the pyramids where a single switch can make the difference opening secrets rooms filled with invaluable treasures or taking you to certain death. Anyway, there’s nothing to worry about because in Immortal Redneck for Nintendo Switch you’re…well…immortal.
Exploiting the Osiris’ death-and-resurrection eternal cycle, every time you’ll fall in the Outworld, you’ll rise anew with more power. Like a phoenix but with more firepower and will to survive. Keep in mind that what doesn’t kill you make you stronger!

With Immortal Redneck for Switch, you’ll travel back in time to a new age of non-stop action, danger and adventure. You’ve have nothing but two paths to follow. Succeed and you’ll save your soul and body. Fail and you’ll fall into the eternal darkness!


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