BitSummit Vol.6 Kyoto 12-13 May

BitSummit Vol.6 is hosting at Kyoto International Exhibition Hall in this weekend 12-13 May, which is a biggest annual indie game festival in Japan. This year visitors able to play over 100 titles during the BitSummit from local and overseas producers, some of the game even first exhibit in front of the world.  If you traveling in Japan right now, it really worth you a while to experience Japan gaming culture!

Here are some really cool exhibitors which highlight by Japan Famitsu, the first one is TINY METAL developed by AERA 35.  The game released on 21 Dec 2017 available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Genre as an indie strategy game and the trailer showed quite a lot of units can be upgraded.  Player take control as Artemisian Lieutenant, Nathan Gries, as he commands his units to victory against the villainous nation of Zipang. We might expect the multiplay DLC during BitSummit. (official web)

Azure Reflections a Japanese traditional side scroll shooting game.  After the trailer, we can see enemies are attacked from all directions and I don’t think a human can dodge up to 10 sec.  If you looking for a human benchmark, you definitely have to try it.  The game already released on Japan PlayStation Store and open to west on 15 May, Switch version confirmed in the development stage and we might have some review after the exhibition. (official web)

BATTLLOON is a maximum of 4 players Local Multiplayer game where you become a Balloon and fight other players.  The rules are very simple! You have to hit your Enemy (most likely your friend ) into the spike to take the win! Easy? This game is still in development(official web)

Sakuna of rice and ruin is a side scroll adventure game, it was created by EDELWEISS, a team that released “Astebreed” and “Flower Goblins Freesia” in the past. The protagonist – Sakuna (サクナ) is the daughter of Harvest god and by the faith, she have to lead the humans to stay away from wars plan by Demon.  Meantime, during the adventure and she starting the investigation and try to counter Demon.  As the developer plan to be available in physical and download versions, however exact release date and price have not yet been finalized.

Famitsu will also broadcast two days exhibition, so don’t miss it:

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