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Caligula: Overdose

PlayStation 4™ – JAPAN


Dengeki Online gave a live stream last Friday, May 11. It showcased the first hour of the gameplay of Caligula: Overdose (カリギュラ オーバードーズ). Meanwhile, the version 1.01 update for this game will launch along with the base game.

Caligula: Overdose is an upcoming JRPG in Japan this May 17, 2018, in PlayStation 4 only. To start with, this game is set in a virtual reality program also known as “Mobius.” Mobius is a place where people escape their pain in the lives and they live in a high school setting. The main character of the game creates a group “Go-Home Club.” This group dedicated to escaping from Mobius and it’s overseer program, “μ.”

Hey, game geeks, some of you are curious about the gameplay of this game. Finally, here’s the first-hour gameplay of Caligula: Overdose. Watch the video below.


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