Save a whole world with Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition for Switch!

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Hyrulian Musou Game

After defeating the Dark Beast Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, another serious threat rise over Hyrule. The Black Sorceress Cia, the only being who can open the Gates of Souls, has destroyed the mystical Triforce throwing this peaceful and bright world into a new age of darkness.
Luckily for all its inhabitants, the Royal Family is not a passive observer. The powerful Hyrulean Army is ready for another harsh battle against the forces of evil. Led by Impa – the bodyguard of Princess Zelda – a distinguished young Hylian trainee stood out on the battlefield. His name is Link, and this is his first adventure…

Far from the usual Action-RPG games, Link has returned in a whole new way with Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition! Using her immense powers to bend time and space. Cia has kidnapped Princess Zelda to test her might against the strongest heroes of Hyrule. Struggling for the lives of all the Hyrulian living beings and for the sake of power, the proud and brave Link is one of the few warriors who can stop her. Now, the greatest showdown in history is about to start! In Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition it’s you against many thousands in the cool style that has captured hack and slash fans’ hearts all around the world.
Wield the sacred Master Sword, and experience a brand new Musou game on your Nintendo Switch. All in this title is more magnificent than ever. With its astonishing graphics and the biggest roster of playable characters, this is an XXXXL version of the original WiiU game epically filled with a lot of upgrades and extras including upgraded weapon systems, new stages, new events, new costumes, and much more. The action on the battlefield becomes more exciting, and your skills even more powerful.  Without any doubt, this new complete edition will delight long time and new fans of The Legend of Zelda series and the fans of hyper-fast paced action games.

Meet and master all the 29 playable characters. Each one with their own skills and abilities, and act as a savior or as a destroyer. In any case, the final choice is up to you. Move fast and hit faster to create new opportunities to improve your powers. Once you’re ready to unleash them to strike out all of your opponents with a single blow. Melting wisely the RPG mechanics of Zelda’s main series with the furious hack ‘n’ slash gameplay from Dynasty Warriors series Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition for Switch is coming up bringing a wonderful new perspective. As you maybe already know there’s no Link without a faithful fairy, and obviously, this game makes no exceptions. Along the battlefield, you’ll be escorted by her, and if you’ll give tasty food and elegant new dresses she’ll reward you casting the most powerful spells to make a clean sweep of the theaters of war.

Enter into the hardest time of Hyrule, and use savvy both offensive and defensive abilities. Find new great allies around you. Team up with them to take on the hordes of monsters from all 360 degrees. With colossal bosses to kill and many original sub-quests to accomplish, its mighty action will deliver a Musou experience unlike any other.
Get into the dynamic multi-stage battles of Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically and be ready for bigger and best fights that will make you a true legend of Hyrule!


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