Three DLC Weapons Are Coming To Dynasty Warriors 9 This May

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Dynasty Warriors 9

PS4 & Xbox One – JP, US, EU, AU, ASIA


There’s no stopping for Koei Tecmo in making improvements with Dynasty Warriors 9 (or also known as Shin Sangoku Musou 8). After the release of the game last February for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, it was, later on, revealed that Additional Weapons DLC pack that will be released in mid-May. This is definitely a great news for Dynasty Warriors 9 out there.

These DLC weapons are returning from the past games of Dynasty Warriors. But these additional DLC weapons are quite different from the previous games like the Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8. The difference lies in the fact that the weapons are assigned to the intended characters. Doing so allowed the characters of Dynasty Warriors to unleash the full potential of the attacks using the weapons.

For more information of the three DLC weapons that are coming to Dynasty Warriors 9 This May, check out the complete details below from the Japanese official website.

Adds 3 new weapon types. Each weapon type will have exclusive actions and low, middle, and high rank weapons prepared.
The weapons can be equipped by any characters, but equipping them to characters who have them as a favorite weapon type will let them unleash unique actions.

  • Claws – Favorite weapon of Zhang He
  • Fencing Sword (also known as Sword and Hook) – Favorite weapon of Xu Shu
  • Emei Piercers – Favorite weapon of Wang Yi

More so, Akihiro Suzuki, producer of Dynasty Warriors 9, also confirmed the trailers of these weapons later on. This clarification was made via the game’s official Twitter account.

[Suzuki-P] Here’s more information for the Additional Weapons pack to be published soon for Dynasty Warriors 9.
It will be published in mid-May, and there are three weapon types added, which are Claws, Fencing Sword (Sword & Hook), and Emei Piercers. After the Golden Week is over, we plan to publish their action trailers in order.


By the way, the Dynasty Warriors 9 weapon pack will be released on May 17. It will be sold for 1200JPY+taxes.

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