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Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Nintendo Switch | Genre: Open-world exploration

Ever since its discovery, the island of Gemea has fascinated millions of people like no other spot on Earth. Men have been fascinated by its rough, ethereal, beauty populated by spectacular and unique wildlife.
In Gemea you can see how life began, slowly taking shape on the harsh and inhospitable lava flows. Its isolation allowed a plethora of creatures to evolve, leading to some amazing flora & fauna seen nowhere else in the world, making it through the centuries one of the most beautiful islands ever known. Divided into 8 different environments, the reputation of Gemea islands spread, and many people would live following its calmer, and slower lifestyle.
From May 17th you can delve into the Gemean way-of-life thanks to Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles for Nintendo Switch!

In this poetic open world adventure, you’ll control a young Gemean that interacting with the many residents of the island, you can help them in various activities such as fishing, farming, crafting, brewing, cooking, and many others. Each person has a different personality, with different issues to solve. As you maybe already realized into Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles for Nintendo Switch, communication is key to success. The more people you’ll help, the more different gameplay experiences you’ll unlock.  They’ll reward you precious items, useful resources or simply money that can be used to defeat the Murk’s influence. But what’s the Murk? Ancient legends tell of a Golden Age in which kindhearted men and women lived like in a sort of Eden without sorrow of heart and plants grew abundantly. On a fateful day an evil force from overseas reached Gemea. Envious of the people happiness, it spread bad influence on all, making them indifferent to all but themselves. The Murk turned Gemea into a tropical breathtaking paradise populated by cold people. Your mission is to change their minds and hearts and help them to accomplish a vast array of activities. Do it well and  prosperity will be restored. Make people happy once again.

Common people aren’t the only ones affected by Murk’s curse. Even the supernatural beings known as Sprites are victims of its disgraceful touch. These fairy-like little creatures can’t tolerate this, and they’re ready to help you to clear both the Gemean land and sky from the Murk. Travel extensively to recruit the biggest number of them. Thanks to their precious help, Murk’s victory will won’t be easy…guaranteed!
The dynamic living world of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles for Switch, is vast, full of surprises, and rich of activities. Cultivate a huge array of agricultural products, build farms, and master a lot of different jobs including tailor, chef or blacksmith. Earn money trading your products or barter them to get other useful items. With such a gameplay variety, you’ll never get tired of this non-linear adventure. Just remember that all the choices are up to you!
Create your own path achieving hundreds of original sub-quests. They will lead you to a certain epilogue rather than another. Thanks to the extensive customization features of the story and of the main character, you’ll play as the ultimate savior of Gemea!

Explore the lands, solve the puzzles, and last but not least help as much Gemeans as you can! If you are looking for something new or different from any other game you’ve played since now, amuse yourself with Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles for Switch! Its massive open-world gameplay system will give you countless hours of entertainment, and great quests that let you discover all the mysteries deeply hidden in this fabulous island both digitally and physically!


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