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AO International Tennis

PS4™ & XOne™ – EUROPE

Are you ready to give your best shot in AO International Tennis? Well, it’s time to unleash your inner athlete as yesterday’s the game’s official release! So, grab your copies now and get ready to plug those PS4 and Xbox One of yours! Get your copies here on our website by simply clicking that button below.


Take a break from the deadly action RPGs and open your door for the oh-so-sporty games. Big Ant Studios’ AO International Tennis sports game takes players in the shoes of the well-known tennis players in the world. With this, players can see themselves as the greatest tennis player of all time. How cool is that?

But, there is a feature here in this game where players can experience the “real fun.” And it is the “PLAYFACE” feature of the game. In this mode, players can actually put their face directly in action. This is made possible through Big Ant Studios’ preeminent photogrammetry technology. Now, who else can be your favorite tennis player? Well, it’s no one else, but you.

In addition, it is also possible to build your own stadiums and decals in this game. Awesome features, Big Ant Studios!

But before going into the whole features of the game, you can watch first the trailers released for the game. See it below.


So, how was it? It’s a whole new game compared to the first release of AO Tennis last January, right? Well, looks like Big Ant Studios really dedicated all their efforts to produce a great tennis video game. In fact, Big Ant CEO Ross Symons said from the WCCFTECH interview that it is really an advantage for them to release AO Tennis first.

Upon the release of the said game, they were able to fetch all the user’s feedback. And unfortunately, most of the reviews are not good. So, instead of feeling bad out of it, the Studio took it as a challenge and strive to develop a tennis game that everyone wants.

So, will Big Ant Studios succeed this time here in AO International Tennis? Find out on your own and discover all the amazing things this game has to offer. GRAB YOURS NOW!

For more information about the game, you can view the features and screenshots below.


  • Play Around The World – Play glamorous and prestigious tournaments all over the world, on all court surfaces. Take the title in Singles, Doubles or Mixed Doubles. Select your favorite player – or play as yourself through an entire career, all the way to #1 and the biggest championships of them all
  • Play On Hard, Grass, Or Clay Courts – Play on your surface of choice, each has a distinct play style and presents different challenges
  • Customise Matches! – Play an epic 5-set Grand Slam final, or play with one of the more experimental formats, like Fast Four, for a quicker tennis game. Or design your own!
  • Not Artificial Intelligence, Actual Intelligence – Players hit the ball based on 10 years of ball tracking data for maximum authenticity. They’ll use angles and know exactly when to drive home the winner
  • Motion Captured Movements – Professional players have been 3D scanned and motion captured in order to ensure the game looks, feels, and moves like a tennis broadcast
  • Career Mode – Play Hard, Reach The Coveted #1 Ranking – Start out as a star, or work your way from the bottom, climbing through the rankings, all the way to #1 in the world
  • Introducing Big Ant Studios’ Latest Innovation: PlayFace™ – Take a photo of yourself, and then digitally insert that face onto your player. Then, take to the court with your very own photogrammetry likeness in an innovative first for a tennis game, ever. Then jump online and download the players created by other users. AO International Tennis’ community will provide you with a roster of players bigger than the real-world professional tours!


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  • Stadium & Venue Creator – Design Your Own Championships – Enhance any mode with custom stadiums created by either yourself or from hundreds of others created by the community. From your local courts to international stadia, the editor allows you to tailor countless elements
  • Logo and Clothing Creators – Look Great As You Play: Comprehensive Clothing and Logo creators allow you to be “sponsored” by your workplace or favorite company. Download and share your favorite creations through the community, which is continuously growing with player-generated content
  • Prove You’re the Best In The World – Challenge the world and become the world champion from the comfort of your living room through the comprehensive and fully-tracked multiplayer mode
  • Learn The Ropes As You Play AO – International Tennis is a serious simulation of the sport, so we’ve included a tutorial to get you into the game and hitting winners off both sides of the court quickly and easily


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