Ultimate Summer Sale – PS Vita HOT PICKS

Head up PS Vita fans, today we have the PS Vita  Hot Picks from our Ultimate Summer Sale.    We’ve compiled a list of the top PS Vita sellers as well as ones that are top ranked in our system and slapped on a sale for the holidays!  Hurry while stocks last!

1. Moe Chronicle (Chinese & English Sub)

For all gentleman who missed it the first time,  it’s the retains the uncensored Japanese experience of an erotic dungeon adventure with localization in both English and Chinese! This is the only physical version in existence to have English and Chinese subtitles, as well as retaining the original uncensored Japanese experience! We hope that this game might follow suit as well… 

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2. Bullet Girls 2 (JP Version)


The story in Bullet Girls 2 follows Aya Hinamoto, the protagonist of the first game, as she encounters a pair of mysterious girls during a mission and engages in an “interscholastic war” waged between Elda Private Institute and Aya’s own school, Misakimori Private Academy.

Limit copies in US62.99  


3. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory (English Sub.)

In 2015, the first Digimon story series was released on PS Vita, as a Japanese classic turn-based RPG game.  This has the largest collection of Digimon and the game content focus on the adventure in the Digimon world called EDEN, training own Digimon and combat with the enemy. A huge worldview and game system earn a high reputation for the series in Asia.

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4. Gundam Breaker 3 (English Sub.)

The third installment of the fan-favorite Gundam Breaker series is on sale NOW! Taking a unique and meta approach towards the Gundam universe, Gundam Breaker 3 continues the formula of bringing about action-packed mecha on mecha battles that revolve around one of the core aspects of the series: Gunpla aka Gundam Model Kits!

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5. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (US Version)

Players familiar with the series will once again find themselves thrust into a gripping genre mash-up of psychological horror, mystery, and suspense, with gameplay featuring an intense mix of escape-the-room and puzzle, set pieces, all carefully crafted to ensure a unifying experience of desperation, especially with the return of making the macabre and extreme choice of selecting which 6 out of the 9 characters will die – gruesomely too…

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