Dragon Ball FighterZ Limited-Time Event Game Modes

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Dragon Ball FighterZ


Hey there, Dragon Ball FighterZ fans! As most of you know, Bandai Namco revealed the two new game modes for Dragon Ball FighterZ on the first week of this month. And these are the Party Battle and FighterZ Cup game modes.

Each of this will have their own unique way of gameplay and point system. However, they are not a permanent stay in the game. Bandai Namco cleared out that these modes as limited-time events only.

So, for those who have enjoyed the Party Battle mode of the game, it’s time to bid goodbye. Party Battle officially ended its service to the game yesterday, May 21. But, for sure, the game mode did leave you all good memories and the most important thing of all, good in-game cash.

Plus, another good point in participating the Party Battle mode is that you’ll be rewarded with Zeni and Premium Z Coins. So, it’s time to be wise enough on where to spend those cash! Cha-ching!

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Have you missed the trailer for the game? Well, you can watch it again here.


So, what about the other game mode, FighterZ Cup? Ever wondering what’s is capable of? Well, basically, this mode is intended for the Z-Union patch of the game and only happens once every month.

So for those who don’t have any idea what “Z-Union” in Dragon Ball FighterZ means, here’s a short explanation for you. In Z-Union, it will allow the players to gather together and support their favorite character by joining their union. In its most generic term, fan clubs for the game characters. Plus, you’ll be earning rewards while you’re in that specific union. How cool is that, right?

But, what’s even more interesting is that, if you are a loyal devotee to one union, and stayed long enough, you’ll be compensated for your loyalty. Sick!

And now, do you already know what to do in the FighterZ Cup game mode? Simple. Pick your all-time favorite character, join their union, be loyal, and you’ll be granted with special rewards.

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