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PlayStation 4™ & Xbox One™ – US & EU


The release date for Agony is getting near! And to further excite the fans, developer Madmind Studio gives us a sneak peek on the Agony Mode. This mode is a separate game to the base game itself. It also allows the player to take on the unique challenges against other players around. The scores are posted on the leaderboards to see the ranks.

Take a look at the official announcement on Twitter.

Here is the overview of the Agony Mode, thanks to Madmind Studio.

The additional game mode will add procedurally generated chambers for the players to test their hellish surivival skills. In mysterious labyrinths made of human bones or frosted ice chambers players will face random quest and challenges. They might be tasked to collect ten figurines which are spread around the level. Despite the main story mode of the game the players can choose on the gender of their character and the game ends with the death of the players, calculating their score. To drive the challenge to a global level all scores will be displayed on a worldwide leader board.

What horror awaits us in Agony Mode? Well, take a look at this gruesome horror game. Watch the Agony Mode trailer below.

For a brief background, Agony is a survival game in hell. You play as a soul in hell who wants to escape the fires of the netherworld. You have the ability to control other souls and some demons.

Are you looking to creep your fright this May? Well, Agony is the game for you! Coming to PS4 & XONE in North America and Europe this May. Pre-order your copies now and wait for the release date game geeks.






  • Find secret patterns and draw them with your own blood on the sacrificial stones. Collect ancient artifacts and use their powers to discover hidden paths in another dimension
  • Huge, visually stunning levels filled with hostile environments, and a uniquely terrifying design. Find your path through mystical floating forest and other hostile environments
  • Resist the seductive yet dangerous “Red Goddess” in this story about horror, eroticism, and damnation inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno






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