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Muv-Luv Alternative

PlayStation Vita – Europe

Are you a fan of a visual novel? If you are, then you are at the right place, buddy! Last February, PQube proudly announced the upcoming port of the visual novel, Muv-Luv Alternative to PS Vita. And according to the announcement, the game will be released in North America and Europe this Summer 2018.

However, the exact release date for this game is yet to be announced. So, stay tuned!

On the other hand, the Europe version of the game is now open to pre-order on our website. Save your copies now, European pals!


Watch the trailer for the game below.


Muv-Luv Alternative is the sequel of the most highly-acclaimed visual series of all time, Muv-Luv. The visual novel was originally released as an adult game for PC in 2006. Later on, it has been adapted into three manga series. And now, the visual novel is ready to let the gamers of PS Vita experience its wonders.

But, what is the game all about? Don’t have any idea about it? No problem! We got you its official description. See it below:

The most highly-acclaimed visual novel series of all time arrives on Vita, newly revamped and officially in English for the first time!

Muv-Luv Alternative is an epic tale of political conspiracies, international espionage, alien menace, quantum causality, bittersweet reunions, genetic modification, and much, much more. Gluttons for punishment, rejoice because once it gets rolling, there are no brakes on this pain train.

Three years have passed since the day Takeru, an unsuspecting Japanese high-schooler, suddenly awoke in a world not his own — a war-torn alternate reality in which mankind was on the brink of extinction. As the tale comes to its despairing close, once again he awakes in his childhood bedroom. Not in his own world, but back where he was first spat out into this hellscape three years prior. Can Takeru use his knowledge to change Fate?”

Will you be picking this game up? Save your copies now!

And for the American fans of the game out there, the US version of the game is still closed to pre-order on our website. So, stay tuned for we will be opening it for pre-orders soon!


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