Flashback to Rook Islands in Far Cry 3 [Classic Edition]

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Far Cry 3 [Classic Edition]

PlayStation 4™ & Xbox One™ – EU, JAPAN, AU & ASIA


What’s up, guys! Are you still fighting off Joseph Seed, the cult leader in the Far Cry 5? Well, then we’ve got some exciting news for Far Cry fans. Ubisoft will release a classic edition of Far Cry 3. Yes, you are going to meet the notorious psycho villain Vaas Montenegro! The classic edition comes to the PS4 and XONE on the 26th June 2018, across Europe, Japan, Asia and Australia. Get ready to for a journey in Rook Islands. Book your copies now game geeks. It’s open for pre-orders!




Far Cry 3 is the third instalment in the Far Cry series. It released on the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC back in the fourth quarter of 2012, in Australia, UK and North America. It received positive feedback and great reviews from GameRankings and Metacritic.

Scoring respectably below:

  • PS3 89% and 90/100
  • Xbox 360 89.14% and 90/100
  • PC with 88.12% and 88/100.

The game is set on a tropical island between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The main character Jason Brody must save his crew who are missing. However, the pirates have kidnapped them, led by Vaas Montenegro, the pirate lord. He plans to sell them for slavery. Beneath the kidnap incident, there are bloody mysteries to solve in Rook Islands. Of course, survive at all cost before it’s too late! Don’t be deceived by the beauty of Rook Islands, It might just lead you to insanity!

This edition enhances the gameplay for current consoles. Newbies can now experience the legendary Far Cry 3 in stunning detail. Experience a deeper level of realism of the characters especially the antagonist Vaas Montenegro. Of course, Far Cry games are all about FPS so gear up for some shooting! Firearms, blades, and explosives are all present. Take time to explore the beautiful island, however, beware it might be your demise if you’re not careful!

Are you ready to meet Vaas in Rook Islands? Well, pre-order this game now and take up the quest to find your crew!




  • UPDATED GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY – Far Cry 3 Classic Edition has been updated to run smoothly on modern platforms and allow fans and newcomers to experience the single-player Far Cry 3 campaign in stunning detail
  • UNCOVER A MEMORABLE STORY AND AN INSANE CAST – Encounter a diverse and realistic cast of characters, including one of Far Cry’s most notorious villains: Vaas Montenegro. Dive into this deep and enriching story where morals are questionable and hope is all but abandoned
  • FIGHT BACK IN AN ACTION-PACKED SHOOTER – Use an arsenal of weapons and explosives to run gun-first into the action, take down nearby adversaries with your blade or snipe unsuspecting enemies from a distance
  • AN ISLAND OF DANGER AND DISCOVERY – Explore an island playground as stunningly beautiful as it is diverse – from mountain ranges to swampy grasslands and white sandy beaches. Fight your way through the island’s towns, temples, river ports and more


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