Rush to the unification with Sangoku BASSA!! for iOS and Android!

Sangoku BASSA!!

iOS, Android Ι Genre: Hyper Action Musou Game

Written by Luo Guanzhong in the 14th-Century, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is still renowned as one of the most popular and endearing stories worldwide. With a reach of popular culture in many regions of the world thanks to a great abundance of movies, manga & anime series, and video games. Thanks to its story of righteousness, heroics, loyalty, and deception, this grand historical Chinese saga has sparked the imagination of many people of different ages and cultures. So, it’s not surprising that also this long novel has been affected by the internet’s Rule 63: “For any given male character, there is a female version of that character”!
Indeed, the new musou-style game Sangoku BASSA!! for iOS and Android takes all the famous generals of the original work changing them into gorgeous and powerful girls. Play hard and enjoy this original fusion of the famous opus all spiced up with sharp anime art and high octane action. Be prepared to unify China under your scepter with this new fantastic game!

Choose your favorite state between Wei (魏), Wu (吳), Shu (蜀), and the independent war-ladies under the leadership of Lu Bu. You can fight your way to become one of the most famous warriors of your era. Offering an extremely engaging combat gameplay system across vast and wide battlefields. You’ll experience how the war can change the destinies of millions of people making them happier or poorer once you’ve won an apparently not so important battle. Discover the secrets jealousy protected in each village you’ll visit. Once you’ve learnt them you’ll be able to use new skills and abilities in a very dynamic way. Rise through the ranks defeating all of your opponents. You’ll have a big arsenal of weapons ranging from swords to spears at your disposal. Don’t forget also to exploit your bright mind to overcome tactical challenges. As musou classics such as Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors series require, even in Sangoku BASSA!! for iOS and Android, the result of an attack depends on the number of combos you can do, the better you combine the combo, the easier it will be to conquer a new territory!

Including the voices of Aoi Yuki (Pop Team Epic, Persona 5: The Animation); Sumire Uesaka (Kantai Collection, Chaos;Child), Yuichi Nakamura (One-Punch Man, Record of Grancrest War), and many other hugely popular seiyuu, this game will immerse yourself into a different dimension of the most epic classical novel of Chinese literature. With slick colorful anime-style graphics, a unique cast of warring superstars, and full Japanese twitch fighting mechanics, Sangoku BASSA!! for iOS and Android will let you enter into an alternate trip back to AD 184 wild China, to learn history with some exceptional yet beautiful teachers. Play the long story mode alone or challenge your friends with the ultra-exciting 2vs2 Real Time Battle. Anyway don’t forget to equip your character with the most powerful weapons and supernatural abilities. Smash thousands of soldiers with one single hit, and then…after a long day on the battlefield taste the enormous victory banquet that will rise up both your body and your spirit.

The bravest generals of ancient China are only waiting for you! Turn on your iOS and Android devices and experience the legends of the Shu, Wu, and Wei kingdoms. Take your faction through the key points in history. Seize the ultimate power and unify the country once again with Sangoku BASSA!!



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