Let’s play Master and Servant with Fate/EXTELLA LINK for PS4 and PSV!


PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita Ι Genre: High-Speed Servant Action Game

Born 14 years ago, the Fate/ series is one of the most popular multimedia projects of the recent years. Started with the visual novel Fate/stay night, the series grows hugely in popularity over the decade appearing also in manga & anime series, sound dramas, action figures, and of course in video games both for consoles and mobile devices. The common story of all these different chapters revolves around the Holy Grail Wars; a global intense competition that sees the Masters – humans skilled in the fine art of Magecraft – evokes the most powerful Servants – heroic divine spirits – to fight to gain the ownership of the Holy Grail.
Strictly connected between them; the various episodes have created a detailed multiverse that sees hundreds of characters take part in this kind of tournament from many different point of views.
Soon, the most popular Masters from all the Fate/ worlds will gather once again to reclaim their possession over that mystic relic. Prepare yourself for the fiercest battle that will involve your body and spirit because Fate/EXTELLA LINK for PS4 and PSVita is arriving.

Set soon after the events of Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, in which many Masters fought hard to acquire the control of the any-wish-granting supercomputer Moon Cell Automaton, the new Fate/EXTELLA LINK sees Masters and Servants get into the battle with more powers, skills, and abilities to win one of the most precious prizes of their life. In order to obtain it, you’ll have the total control over the summoned Servants. Show your abilities in intense battles both on the ground or in the air; while you’ll try to deal devastating damage to your opponents!
Featuring more than 25 mythical characters including the very new Francis Drake, Astolfo, Robin Hood, and many others; you’ll do your part along supersonic-paced dynamic battles. This unique title will excite both the fans of action games, and also the Fate/ series’ ones. Recreate some of the epic confrontations you’ve seen in the anime or combat in all-new showdowns that have never happened before. All of this proudly presented in a revamped jawbreaking art style, and new gameplay mechanics.

But you know, the complex multiverse of Fate/ is not only based on burning fights but also relationships and bonds. Obviously, Fate/EXTELLA LINK for PS4 and PSVita makes no exception. Take a break in the base camp is perfect if you need a relaxing time that can be wisely used to level-up your Servant, and leave your mark on the other Masters during the next battles in a much more meaningful and impactful way. Strengthen the relationships between Servants and Masters to unleash even more powerful special attacks and unlock dozens of inner abilities that can be only shown when the trust is at the maximum level.
Playing the long deep story mode alone or challenge the world in hot 4vs4 online fights. Teamwork is a key focal point of the Online Multiplayer Mode, and also the secret to getting some of the most legendary rewards.
Let’s band together to defeat the foes who aim to control Moon Cell Automaton and then…set things right!

Challenging enemies are at your throat! Elevate your summoning skills to new heights, and then rush and attack without mercy! Providing the best over the top, non-stop high-speed action. Fate/EXTELLA LINK for PS4 and PSVita is a wild & furious game that will take you through an epic story filled with action, rivalry, and political intrigue. Summon it digitally or physically!


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