Make the hot season hotter with the Days of Play Campaign on PS4!!!

$ummer almost arrives, and you know during the hot season the lightweight things are the most appreciated ones. Even Sony know this fact, and in order to welcome it more than 150 wonderful digital games has been discounted up to 80% OFF!!!
So get your instant digital codes ready, and prepare to download some modern classics like the ones here below, and many many others to have the greatest gaming time of the whole summer!

God of War22% OFF (Standard Edition), 25% OFF (Digital Deluxe Edition)

Kratos, the time to bloodbath Asgard has come…
Many years have passed since the Ghost of Sparta slain the Father of the Gods. Stories tell that after the final battle against Zeus, he moved in the cold Scandinavian lands to find peace. In there, Kratos met a beautiful girl called Faye who gave him a healthy and brave son called Atreus.
Impulsive and untrained in the fine art of war; Kratos taught him how to survive in the savage land of Norse Gods battling against the bloodthirsty monsters and the ferocious warriors who live in there.

Featuring a state-of-the-art graphics, a long story full of twists; God of War for PS4 will carry these two heroes into the nine homeworlds of Norse Mythology – Asgard, the home of the Æsir ruled by Odin; Álfheimr, the home of the Light Elves; Niðavellir, the home of the Dwarves; Midgard, the home of Humans; Jötunheimr, the home of the Giants; Vanaheimr, the home of the Vanir; Niflheim, the world of ice; Muspelheim, the world of fire, and Helheim, the home of the dishonorable dead ruled by the goddess Hel – and robust gameplay mechanics this new chapter is a revolutionary title that takes the action adventure genre into new and previously unimaginable heights. Adding a true realism to Kratos, you’ll have the unique chance to join grandly scaled battles in the largest world of the saga.

Be prepared for a fierce struggle that sees father and son against everybody else. Embracing the triple role of warrior, father, and mentor, the Ghost of Sparta will teach to his son not only to use the brute force but also to exploit the brain skills solving intricate puzzles throughout the merciless adventure in the nine kingdoms.

Kratos, take on the biggest and hardest mission of your life! Raise a new generation of heroes in a gruesome god to eat man world, showing him the deadliest techniques learned in 13 years of battles against the most powerful beings of Greek Mythology.
Climb into the legend with God of War for PlayStation 4!

Hokuto ga Gotoku20% OFF

In the year 199X, the world was covered with atomic fires, all forms of life seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth…the seas have dried, the land has cracked, but the human race didn’t disappear!
The world is now a wasteland of lawlessness; weak people are treated as slaves and playthings by the strong. Above all this madness Raoh; the powerful “King of Fist”; ruling uncontested over the people. In this hellish world, there is only one man with the power to fight for the powerless, and his name alone strikes terror into evil hearts: Kenshiro!

The game inspired by the godly popular anime series Hokuto no Ken has been mixed with Yakuza series to bring us something very unique: Hokuto ga Gotoku for PS4!
Set in the fortified city known as Eden; a place with a strange abundance of energy, food and water miraculously provided from the colossal dome relic who stand above it; in this futuristic court of miracles the people live a comfortable life beyond any imagination, and its entertainment district is also famous as the pre-eminent gambling capital of the world, their casinos grossing the highest amount of gaming revenue and make it also the richest city which greatly dwarfing all the other gaming places.
But Kenshiro is not reaching Eden for gambling (or at least, not only), indeed he heard some rumors that his long-time fiancée Yuria that he believed dead, is living in Eden!

With easy-to-learn controls and many game modes, step into the boots of the 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken and relive his legacy. Prove your worth as the man with the power to construct and destroy the world at will, and rescue your long-time disappeared love…the power rests in your hands, become Kenshiro and take on the world in Hokuto ga Gotoku for PS4!

Don’t let the Death Omen Star shine upon you, the Hokuto Shinken is still invincible…Atatatatatatata…Wataaah!!!

NiOh Complete Edition40% OFF

The Japanese Sengoku Era was a blood-bathed period of great changes ended with the famous battle of Sekigahara; which was the culmination of a long-standing power struggle between Tokugawa Ieyasu and Hashiba Hideyoshi, two of the most powerful generals of medieval Japan. Full of brave warriors, and frightful spirits who wandered on the battlefields this period was one of the most tragic in the whole history of Japan.

Team Ninja has recreated it in a very ghostly way with NiOh; including all the precious DLCs released so far on PS4!
The main protagonist is William; a blonde-haired Irish samurai that soon after his disembarkation on the Japanese coast, he crossed his path with Tokugawa Ieyasu and his servant, the famous ninja Hattori Hanzo. This formidable trio of heroes formed an alliance against both their mutual foes and the frightening yokai who are infesting Japan. All of them are led by Edward Kelly; an English occultist and alchemist that used his dark powers to influence the events summoning a number of spirits. He’s at the behest of John Dee, the famous mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher and above all chief advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.

In NiOh Complete Edition for PS4, you’ll face armies of undead samurai warriors, and weird creatures from Japanese folklore such as Hinoenma, Jorōgumo, and even the cold-hearted Yuki-onna! Fight your way to bring the peace in the country helping Tokugawa Ieyasu to unify it. Mastering both martial arts skills and magic arts, you’ll begin a legendary journey throughout Japan with this great title that melts in a very cool way the gameplay mechanics of Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden. So, if you’re looking for a very hardcore challenge don’t look further! Play it to remove the curse on the whole Japan!

Enjoy a thrilling tour of Japan full of action and intrigue, and learn the incredible secrets of the Yokai Army with NiOh Complete Edition for PS4!

Shadow of the Colossus35% OFF

Originally released in 2005 for PS2, Shadow of the Colossus is a gaming masterpiece developed by the great people behind the Japan Studio. Set in the wide, and almost unpopulated territory known as the Forbidden Land; you’re Wander, a young brave knight which destiny is to bring to life a girl named Mono, a mysterious maiden that has been sacrificed due to her cursed fate. Riding his loyal horse Agro; Wander must travel along the land to search and destroy the sixteen giants called Colossi; which are the only obstacles that can break the thin line between Mono’s life and death.
Universally considered both a prequel and a sequel of Ico, these two titles are strictly connected due to their horned main characters and the usage of a fictional language.

Featuring a deeply emotional story; a unique gameplay mechanic which combines mind-shaking puzzles and pure action elements; and a visually astonishing art style, the enhanced PS4 version of Shadow of the Colossus will let you travel across suggestive landscapes. Be ready to fight against the legendary Colossi giants wielding magical weapons. With their mystical power of restoration; they’re the keys to bring back your loved one to life. Use your combat skills, smartness, and strategic abilities; Mono is silently waiting for the fall of each of these behemoths.

With its “emotional bonds” Wander embarks on a puzzle-laden quest that eventually reveals why he is the way he is, and in doing so, he (and you) will change his outlook on reality.
The emotions and atmosphere that Shadow of the Colossus evokes is one that is seldom found in games today. More than a game this milestone is a wonderful fairy tale for all ages…

What are you waiting for? You can’t simply miss the opportunity to fill your Hard Disk with some great titles! $ave a lot of money grabbing one (or more) JPN or HK PSN Instant Digital Cards. $ummer is hot; make it hotter with the Days of Play Campaign (but only until June 18)!!!


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