Walk on a dream with ‘n Verlore Verstand for PS4 and XO!

‘n Verlore Verstand

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Oneiric Adventure

The dream is one of the most interesting phenomena of human mind.
When we’re in the lower levels of brainwave activity, we allow our subconscious to come out giving us the opportunity to see a vast (and sometimes weird) array of visualizations which can include also our conscious experiences. Dreams are the only mean which allows connecting our conscious and subconscious emotions. In all the cultures, they’re strictly related with the “sacred sphere”. For example, the Egyptians gave an extreme importance to the dreams. Indeed they believed that this phenomenon could influence the everyday’s life. The so-called Papyrus Chester Beatty 3 known also as “The Dream Book” is a precious document actually kept in the British Museum. This manual for the dream interpretations, which contains also some examples of the most common ones, has been wrote during the reign of Ramesses II by an unknown scribe. It’s the most ancient document actually existing about it. During the millennia many civilizations tried to interpret the true meaning of the dreams, but even today they’re still a mysterious event; an event that all the people experience everyday.

With so interesting premises the world of dreams is considered an inexhaustible source for game developers. So close your eyes and prepare to feel all the sensations that can be provided from dreams and nightmares playing with ‘n Verlore Verstand for PS4 and XO.
Created by the South African indie studio Skobbejak Games, this a first person oneiric adventure in which you’ll be catapulted in a strange world that will unveil more about yourself. Featuring an ethereal story, truly immersive environments, plus great puzzle and platformer mechanics; this opus is rich with metaphors and hidden meanings. ‘n Verlore Verstand for PS4 and XO is a game like any other! More similar to an exciting book that must be read in one breath; you’ll experience an absolute gameplay freedom. Solve intricated puzzles, and jump your way over the always moving platforms while you’ll looking for the ultimate meaning of life.

Maybe you’ll find it incredibly challenging or absolutely unsettling, but whatever would be your opinion one thing is certain; this adventure is very original and greatly developed; we’re sure that you’ll not find anything else like this anywhere!
Live a never-experienced-before dreamy voyage filled with a lot of inspiration, we’re pretty sure that you’ll don’t want to be awake, because yes, this is almost eternal. You have to play it to believe it! Choose how to proceed, and any decision can lead you to secret areas, unusual discoveries, and powerful symbolism.

Thanks to its intriguing concept, ‘n Verlore Verstand for PS4 and XO welcomes you into the realm of the unknown. Walk across it to find who you really are through an uncommon long path along the sacred lands of the dreamworld…


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