Let’s change [another] world with the Persona 5 Thievery in Blue event!

Persona 5 Thievery in Blue

iOS, Android Ι Genre: Heart-stealing Event

While the Phantom Thieves were exploring the always expanding Memento Palace, a new weird path opened before their eyes. Even Morgana didn’t know anything about it until that day.
Hazed by the euphoria; Joker, Morgana, Skull, Fox, and Panther started to explore it very carefully ending up in…another fantasy world!
Grab your mobile device, and pay attention; because from June 18 (5pm JPN Time) until June 29 (8.59pm JPN Time) the globally beloved characters of Persona 5 will cross their hearts with the brave heroes of Granblue Fantasy! This is the event of the year…this is Persona 5 Thievery in Blue!

Who created this new Palace, and why? Maybe inside it, the Phantom Thieves can find something more powerful than the mystic Holy Grail. Join the forces with them and get ready to face hordes of shadows which aim to conquer all the empires of Granblue Fantasy! Unlocking new incredible powers, or super rare weapons such as the luciferin Tyrant Gun.
Aided – from this side of the world – by Makoto, Futaba, and Haru; in Persona 5 Thievery in Blue, the Phantom Thieves will be called to unveil the mystery hidden inside this new Memento. Help them with this unconventional mission fighting the battles, raising loyalty, and grabbing precious treasures that will be exclusively available through this event.

Together with this band of rebellious youths, you’ll change society by means of touching hearts and illegal heists even in the legendary world of Granblue Fantasy! Show your true form, and get the unique chance to bring a little bit of Persona 5’s awesome atmosphere anytime, anywhere with Persona 5 Thievery in Blue!
This is a crossover event that will take your heart away!


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