Become a master builder with New Gundam Breaker for PS4!

New Gundam Breaker

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Gunpla Action Game

Produced since 1980 from Bandai; the GUNdam PLAstic models are without any doubts the most popular model kits of the whole Milky Way. Loved by anime, mecha, and model fans this series includes more than 2000 different kits which sold over 500 million units!
Providing a lot of different series suited to different kinds of difficulty and detail, the Gunpla invaded the global pop-imagination appearing in several movies, anime & manga series, TV specials, and down down until the wonderful Gundam Breaker videogame’s series! Released with roaring success this fan-favorite series takes a unique and meta approach towards the Gundam universe. Its formula is both simple and catchy at the same time; bring the traditional hi-speed action-packed mecha battles of Gundam’s anime series into one of its core aspects of the series: Gunpla!
Finally, on June 21 the fourth installment will land only on PlayStation 4. Prepare your side cutters, multiliners, topcoats, and Dualshock for New Gundam Breaker!

If you’re new to this specific spin-off don’t be afraid; we’re happy (as master builders and hardcore gamers) to introduce the new episode in the best way possible. The core gameplay mechanics revolve around your own creativity. In New Gundam Breaker for PS4, you’ll have the unique opportunity to build your own Gundam using thousands of faithfully recreated real parts without any limits of money and space limitations. Featuring over 100 different kits to choose from – including some great new entries such as Saikyo Kido Tryon 3, Gundam Nadleeh, Atlas Gundam, and many others – you’ll have more than 10,000,000,000 different customization options! As one of the most important parts of the game, you’ll love the absolute freedom in the selection of colors, dirtiness, or even facial expressions. Obviously, there’s no Mobile Suit without a huge arsenal of futuristic weapons, and New Gundam Breaker will not disappoint from this point of view. Equip missile pods, rail cannons, beam launchers, and other weapons, to unleash infinite combo chains or smashing hits that will destroy the enemies instantly. All of this will allow you to create YOUR OWN Full Armor Mobile Suit!

And then? Well now arrives the exciting part! After that, all is set your robot is ready to battle! Let fight it in the arenas both on Earth and in space to see if your creation is so great as you think. In addition, once we’re sure of its quality to engage in the 3vs3 team battles to challenge other aspiring builders scattered around the globe. Implementing huge improvements that make combat more fluid and fast, in New Gundam Breaker for PS4 you can take part in epic mecha-battles and gain tons of new parts to become stronger than ever; defeat your challengers and take their power! Just remember that what you will equip is not just aesthetic, but it’ll affect your performance greatly, as well as add unimaginable abilities.
If you’re tired of all this GUNPLA madness, you can always visit the Gallery. In there you can take dynamic pictures of your models choosing between 64 poses and more than 20 backgrounds. Create your own ideal photobook, and then share some magic with the world to prove how stylish you are!

Break! Build! Battle! This claim has never been so faithful to what you’ll find inside the game.
Feel the thrill coursing through your veins as you fight through the galaxy; and experience the heat of the heavy customization. If you’re looking for one of the best gaming Gunpla experiences; then New Gundam Breaker for PS4 is the best for you!
Enjoy its pure fun factor, its creation depth, its non-stop full throttle action, and will be hard to get tired of this game both digitally or physically!


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