Game, set and match with Mario Tennis Aces for Switch!

Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Non-Stop Tennis Action

Grab your racket and put your tennis skills to the ultimate test on the MKTA (Mushroom Kingdom Tennis Association) Tour.
The crowd is cheering, the atmosphere is electric, the adrenaline rushes, and the rackets are burning…the most popular personalities from the Nintendo world are ready to enter in the arenas scattered among the colorful Mushroom Kingdom to win the ultimate battle to the sound of volleys, slices, and insanely powerful smashes!
Turn on your Nintendo Switch. Be a part of a wonderful community in which globally famous pros and local tennis champions join their forces to participate at the most exciting and exclusive event of the season: Mario Tennis Aces!

More than 25 personalities including Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, and many others compete anytime, anywhere to win the three cups that will crown you as the best tennis player of the year. Exploiting their own special skills and techniques; make your choice to start a ruthless climb to the Olympus of the players. Start from the bottom, as an unknown talented player; you must win as much as you can to hit your way up the ranks. Play in tropical forests; ancient ruins; or even in ghostly mansions until the big day…the day you challenge the best tennis players in the world on the famous Marina Stadium court!
Developed to bring a huge amount of fun both to adults and children; Mario Tennis Aces for Switch will delight you in competing against many opponents! The numerous gameplay modes will overturn the classic rules of tennis in a very original way. Play the long & deep “Adventure Mode” that will lead you towards the most savage lands of the Kingdom to save Luigi battling against nasty bosses until you’ll face the Legendary Racket; call your shots in the “Tournament Mode” to smash the CPU in fast-paced head-to-head matches until you’ll reach the top of the bracket; or gather your friends both online or offline (up to 4) to swing the Joy-Con in the adrenalized “Swing Mode”!

In Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch, you must master all these modes to unlock new different challenges and earn a lot of money that can be used to get even more powerful items, equipment, and many other things that will make your strawberries and cream more tasteful than ever.
Prove which character is the real rising star of the MKTA while you step into the court filled with fun traps precious bonuses, hilarious special attacks, and maybe…the good old-fashioned tennis elbow.

Nothing can’t stop you to achieve your most far-fetched dream. This is the craziest tennis tournament ever seen on Nintendo Switch; each rival will try to defeat you and get the hands on the colossal prize which is patiently waiting in the sealed case.
Serve, backhand, and lob to become the Kingdom’s Number One! Mario Tennis Aces marks the next generation of this centuries-old noble sport; reaching new heights than any other tennis game reached before! Take a break from the conventional matches! Feel all the excitement, challenge, and atmosphere with the Mushroom Kingdom Tennis Association unique style on Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically!


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