Octopath Traveler – No Planned DLC, Coming As a “Complete Game”

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Octopath Traveler

Nintendo™ Switch – US, EU, AU & JAPAN


Recently, Octopath Traveler‘s producer Masashi Takahashi from Square Enix and director Keisuke Miyauchi from Acquire had an interview with Dengeki Online. They talked about Octopath Traveler’s development from start to finish. They pointed out that the game has no DLC and the retail version is a full game.

Thanks to Siliconera, the interview was translated from Japanese to English.

Here are the highlights of the interview:

Dengeki: You said the development of the game was long but was it made for the Nintendo Switch from the beginning?

Takahashi: Yes. We were working on the development when nobody knew about the Nintendo Switch. We had a good relationship with Nintendo at Bravely Default and Bravely Second. That’s when Octopath Traveler began.

Dengeki: Is there a new game plus in this game?

Takahashi: This game does have it. This is complete in one lap. It depends on the preferred order about things. The difficulty will naturally change. There are people who said it was easy because they played it first. However, some people said it was difficult.

Dengeki: How long will it take to beat the game?

Takahashi: Remember that players will want to finish every character’s story. If you are going to the storyline, it will take only 50-60 hrs. But if you play through the substories, optional dungeons and experience anything under this game, it will take around 80-100 hours.

Dengeki: Is there any DLC planned?

Takahashi: We haven’t even thought about having a DLC. The retail version is a complete game.

There you have it, folks. No DLC for Octopath Traveler. This game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch this July 13. During E3 2018, Square Enix announced a demo for the game. It’s now available on the Nintendo e-shop! Play it now.

The retail version is now available for pre-order. Reserve your copies right now!


Read more about the game here.




  • A new RPG adventure from the minds at Square Enix who brought you the Bravely series
  • Choose from eight distinct characters, each with their own path, and see where the story takes you
  • Music and visuals inspired by RPGs of yore brought to life with modern touches
  • Deep, strategic turn-based combat with an innovative battle system




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  1. David Wetuski says:

    Glad to see that the age of being able to buy complete games on consoles isn’t dead; I’ve always hated how games in recent years tend to lock content away from offline players.

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