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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning


  • Developer: Lancarse
  • Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
  • Genre: RPG

Live. Die. Repeat.  Welcome to the immortal world of Zanki Zero.

Zanki Zero takes you to the post-apocalyptic world of Gareki Island leaving behind eight lucky survivors. But these survivors are all clones. They are only given 13 days in one life cycle.

How would you live your life to the fullest with that ample amount of time?

So here in Zanki Zero, you are going to fight for your survival. You have to search for the meaning of your never-ending life and death cycle.

With that, Spike Chunsoft has released a new information about the game. This update discussed the gameplay of Zanki Zero. And this would help you on how you are going to live your life right. This update covers the following topics:

  • Game’s parasites (Clione)
  • Standard and Charge attacks
  • Parts destruction
  • Co-sleeping effects

Game’s Parasites – Clione

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In Zanki Zero, there are a lot of creatures that roam around the ruins. These creatures have tentacle-like things attached to their bodies. And these tentacles are believed to be a separate being known as “Clione.”

These are parasites that leech onto living things. And believe it or not, they are offering their tentacle powers to their host. But, this power is traded with the host’s energy.

So, as you progress through the game, you will be able to implant Clione into your bodies. But, this is only possible if the functionalities of the Extend Machine are strengthened.

And remember, these creatures are parasites. They can naturally destroy your body each time you use their powers. And the scariest part above all, it can take your life if it runs wild.

Standard Attacks with Simple Controls

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Another way to dodge your enemies is with just a press of a button. It is the simple attack system here in Zanki Zero. You just have to repeatedly press the attack button to deal damage with the enemy. Do not worry about aiming, it’s already done for you here.

But remember, there are cool-down periods with weapons. This is the time where you have to wait for its interval before firing up again.

So this means, the way you battle depends on the features of your weapon.

Charge Attacks and Parts Destruction

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The third one is the “Charge Attack.” You can activate this feature by holding down the attack button. It will instantly unleash a powerful attack but quickly consumes your stamina at the same time. Plus, you can also play a charge combo with the members of your faction.

The exciting part here is that, if you destroy your enemy, you can obtain rare materials and items from them. But not only that, you can take away its means of attack. How cool is that?!

Co-sleep Matching

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Your characters here in this game are just like ordinary people. They need to rest their asses off too. Take your characters to the bedroom facility of the island. In there, they can regain their health by sleeping the whole night.

While others are alone in their room, you can also have the option to share a room. By pairing up two characters in one room, a “co-sleeping effect” can be made. This feature is like a rejuvenating process for the characters.

This will have different benefits for the two characters depending on their characteristics. And while this effect is only for the two, some effects can be disseminated to the other characters in the room.

So those are some of the techniques of this game. Will you be including it in your collections? Place your orders now.


For more information about the game, you can refer to the below details.



  • Eight Clones, Seven Deadly Sins, Infinite Lives – Play from the perspectives of one of eight protagonists in each chapter and explore the dungeons, towers, and islands to uncover the deadly sins of the protagonists’ past
  • Survival of the Fittest – Hunt for materials and food while fending off monsters in real-time battle environments, but don’t forget to sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom (seriously, it’s bad for your health and fatal for your party)
  • Live, Die, Repeat – With only 13 days in one life cycle, each clone’s stats, abilities, and capabilities differ from youth to old age. Depending on how you die, you can even earn bonus upgrades for your next life cycle. Take advantage of each life cycle to the fullest!


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