My Hero Ones Justice: Dahbi & Himiko

My Hero One’s Justice

As the anime coming to end of Season 3, more characters and trailer revealed by Bandai.  This time confirm two main villains Himiko and Dahbi gonna be playable in-game, both of them are start-up operation team in anime season 3.  Although, both of them defeat by Heros, the target of the operation success by kidnap Bakugo.

Himiko Toga

The hentai girl with ability able to transform her outlook after took the character’s blood. However, we seem her only to use the syringe to disability rival as the twitter video clip shown.  Rather than the syringe, she also really good at the knife during the short-range attack.

Bhabi (Crematorium)

A hopeless man only wanna destroy all the things related to peace. He ability to control blue flame with a distance, which allows him to trap the opponents.  Definitely, a tricky rival to battle in long-range, stay close maybe is the only option.

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice is due for an August 23rd release date in Japan. While the announcement for its worldwide release date is yet to be announced. But, pre-order for all regions are now welcome on our website. Save your copies now! Click that button below to get yours.


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