Transcend humanity with The Lost Child for PS4, PSVita, and Switch!

The Lost Child

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita Ι Genre: Occult RPG

The end of times has come!
Described for the first time in the New Testament, the Armageddon is the final battle which sees the terrestrial kings influenced by demonic leadership fight against the forces of God at the end of history. Tradition wants that this cataclysmic struggle will occur near the Mountain of Megiddo (Har Meghiddohnʹ in Hebrew), but the latest rumors among scholars and occultists from the whole world have revealed that all will start in Tokyo, Japan.
The occult journalist Hayato Ibuki is one of the most accredited voices in the field of Bible studies. Thanks to his extended expertise, as passionate researcher, this rigorous and serious consultant is extremely popular through his articles, and illuminating presence on radio and TV programs. One fateful day he meets a strange girl called Balucia; imploring for his safeness she gives him a mystical relic that can capture both celestial and demonic beings. The Armageddon is roaring across the universe; you can be a savior or a destroyer with The Lost Child for Switch, PS4, and PSVita!

With this mythological RPG, you’ll embark on a journey of biblical proportions. Promises to be a long adventure full of twists, grand graphics, and rich story in The Lost Child you’ll act as a contemporary hero that can guide God’s creation into its own destiny. Master the weapons from heaven & hell, win over the supernatural foes, and then choose your side! Under the guidance of the watchful divinities, you’re the only one who can turn angels or demons into precious allies.
Created by Sawaki Takeyasu, the director and artist behind El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, this unconventional yet legendary RPG features more than 100 beings to capture that can be evolved into three even more powerful forms; over 250 skills that will lead you to absolute greatness; and intricated dungeons that will test your strength and faith as never before!

Find your own path and discover the truth about this war! Talk with the celestial creatures known as Astrals to gather valuable information about the bizarre events behind this divine mayhem. Equipped with unique skills, powers, and obviously…weaknesses, these beings are waiting to be captured by you. Hit them as much as you can, and then lock them into the box.
Wander through Tokyo; explore any wards including Shinjuku, Ginza, and Akihabara; in there you’ll meet a large number of physical and spiritual living beings that will help or obstacle you. All depends on your approach to them, and from your answers; try to drive the conversations toward your objectives and if you’ll manage your empathy abilities well the result will be surprisingly effective!
If extreme challenges are something to sink your teeth into, then you should take the R’lyeh Road; designed to be the “largest dungeon in history”, it’s a multi-floor dark place that can’t be abandoned until you solve the hidden 99 mysteries.

Mixing gothic mystic horrors and contemporary advanced technology, The Lost Child for Switch, PS4 and PSVita is a real first-person divine RPG epic game, battle against your demons both digitally or physically, and experience a very original would-be utopia that sees ancient demons, centuries-old mystic religious orders, and modern anti-heroes fight for the control over humanity’s fate!


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