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Closed Nightmare

PS4™ & Switch – Asia (Chinese Subs)

Up for a scary summer, then let your nightmares begin!

We previously introduced you the Japan version of Closed Nightmare, the cinematic horror adventure by Nippon Ichi Software.  So If you are looking for the Asia version (works on all systems worldwide) of Closed Nightmare, you’re definitely at the right place!

Closed Nightmare Asia version is slated for a July 19 release, the same date as Japan version’s launch and coming out on all PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game will still get a Japanese voice over and will have Traditional Chinese subs.

So, do you think you’re brave enough to play Closed Nightmare? If you’re up for this  horror filled scary challenge, you should definitely try this game.

In fact, Nippon Ichi even revealed super-creepy new screenshots for the game. I can’t even stand to look at it for a long time. Do you want to have a look?  Check out the mad shots below……

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So, are you ready to be scared to death this coming July? Place your orders now on our website!


Check out the trailer for the game below.


So, what is the game all about?

The story of Closed Nightmare focuses on the protagonist of the game named, Maria Kamishiro. She is a young lady who awakens in the darkness with her left arm paralyzed. To make things even worse, all of her memories are all lost as well.

So while she is trying to figure out what happened to her, the cell phone in the other room rings. And it’s a phone call from a mysterious girl named, Chizuru. Chizuru forced her to participate in a strange experiment. And if she partakes in the said trial, she will be freed.

Closed Nightmare takes you to a strange place composed of various dark rooms. You will encounter a lot of frightening violent characters, supernatural rituals, and puzzling mysteries. Plus, brace yourself for the four divisions of the game: live-action movies, text, exploration, and challenges.

So, as you try to unravel the truth behind the experiment, a scary man wearing a mask is also wandering around. So, that means, you should prepare for an extreme horror adventure! SAVE YOUR COPIES NOW!, Closed Nightmare, Closed Nightmare Asia Version, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Asia, release date, price, gameplay, features


  • Presented Like a Live-Action Horror Movie – The event scenes of Closed Nightmare play out through live-action video.
  • Exploration Parts: Investigate Items and Clues – During exploration parts, you can investigate areas of interest in a room. Move the cursor onto objects and solve challenges to find clues. By using the items you obtain, such as the instant camera and IC recorder, you can acquire various information
  • Challenge Parts: Unravel Various Mysteries – Several rooms exist within the building, and in each room are challenges. During challenge parts, solve their gimmicks and puzzles with the goal of escaping from the building. Occasionally maddeningly difficult games exist within “investigation games,” where you find the correct answer based on the clues you obtained


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