Fighting EX Layer: The fight is everything on PlayStation 4!

Fighting EX Layer

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: EXcellent Fighting Game

In the second half of the 90s, the 3D fighting games like Virtua Fighter or Tekken acquired a lot of popularity undermining the previously global 2D hits such as Street Fighter series. So, in order to make its part in the overcrowded world of this new eye-popping game style, Capcom cooperated with Arika (an indie studio formed by ex-Capcom employees) releasing the Street Fighter EX series!
Built by three episodes, this series is set in an alternate reality which has (almost) no connection with the main one. To mark the difference from any other game, Arika has smartly kept the traditional 2D gameplay mechanics with a marvelous 3D art-style, making it a 2.5D series!
Introducing iconic new characters such as Hokuto, Allen Snider, and above all the hyper-classy tokusatsu fighting superstar Skullomania all the Street Fighter EX chapters are still beloved and played by a vast number of players!
Finally after over five years of waiting for the spiritual successor of it has been released on PlayStation 4 to bring new exciting battles for the new generations. Let the kumite begins with Fighting EX Layer!!!

Announced during the EVO 2017, it has immediately created a lot of buzz among the fighting games’ pros. Implementing many of the great mechanics present in other Arika’s titles like the Super Cancel or the Easy Combo, you can challenge a rival both vis-à-vis or through the multiplayer mode; in any case, prepare your thumbs to fight the fiercest and most technical battles of this middle of the year!
Far to be a common fighting game,
Fighting EX Layer for PS4 features the innovative Gouji power-up system! With a total of 15 decks to unveil; Aggro – for heavy attackers -; Juggernaut – for the ones who aim to immortality -; Shinobi – for the wannabe ninja individuals -; Infinity – for who aim to be like Thanos performing unbeatable combos -; Miracle – if you need an iron body -; Stealth Raptor – to move across the battlefield at speed-light -; Berserker – good for unleashing your inner burning fighting spirit -; Double Face – to gain specific skills good for your playstyle -; Sky Dancer – attack your enemies from dizzying heights like an eagle -; Nightmare – if you want to become your enemy’s worst foe finishing him off without mercy -; Babel – great for all the special attack addicted ones -; Thunderbolt – be a god…fight like Thor -; Fantasista – if you need to transfer your damage on your challenger -; Supernova – equip it to get the unique unlimited gauge power -; and the Grab Master – throw your enemies in all the directions like a modern Sugata Sanshiro –! Check all of them, find the best Gouji, adapt it to your style, and then SMASH!

If you aren’t good at fighting games, you’ve nothing to worry about. Indeed, Fighting EX Layer for PS4 includes two types of input system; choose between the progressive mode which allows you to fight hyper-fast paced duels performing shortened commands or the classic mode which keeps all the depth of the most renowned fighting games.
Designed and written specifically for the PlayStation 4, this game is made to be epic! Good things always come in pairs; indeed this game is available in two versions: Light with a limited selection of characters and Gouji or Standard which includes ALL the features.

Remember that every warrior has studied for many years to master their special killing techniques and crushing moves. If you’ll enter in the Fighting EX Layer‘s tournament, you’ll do it at your risk… fight as best as you can for the ultimate prize; return to home on your own feet!


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