September 2018 is The Battle of the Magic Knights in Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Black Clover: Quartet Knights, PlayStation 4, Japan, US, Europe, North America, release date, features, gameplay, price, game

Black Clover: Quartet Knights

PlayStation 4™ – Japan, Asia, EU & US

In A World Of Magic, Knights Will Stand Up! Welcome to the magical world of Black Clover: Quartet Knights.

Long ago, humanity once came to the brink of their extinction. It was, however, one mage who saved the human race from the demons. Thereafter, he became a legend and recognized as the Wizard King. For a long period of time, the Wizard King protected his people and the magical world.

Black Cover: Quartet Knights is based on the hit manga and anime series, Black Cover. Prepare for a new legend to battle for the crown as the new Wizard King. Are you ready to join the fray here in Black Clover: Quartet Knights?

Watch the trailer below.


What makes Black Clover: Quartet Knights unique is the good combination of its genre. The game is a mixture of third-person shooting and magical action. As a matter of fact, this genre fusion looks pretty cool. Let the magic help you deal massive damage to your enemies.

So what can you say, folks? Well for me, it is a good blend actually. And if some of you didn’t appreciate the anime series, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the game too! Where can you find a game where magic meets the third-person shooter? That’s only here at Black Clover: Quartet Knights!

Players have the option to choose their fighters. Each character in the Black Clover universe possesses unique abilities. Some of them are a fighter, shooter, supporter and a healer. So that means, a good complementary balance of character types are essential for a team to meet victory. So choose wisely.

The game is coming out on the 14th of September on all PlayStation 4 Systems. All regions are now available to pre-order here at Place your orders now and aim to be the new Wizard King in September! Click that button below to save your copies.


AND…Black Clover: Quartet Knights, PlayStation 4, Japan, US, Europe, North America, release date, features, gameplay, price, game

Do not forget to grab the Asia Version – Deluxe Edition of the game, folks! This edition comes with a Chinese Subtitle and has a voice over of Japanese. Now available to pre-order. Place your orders now!



Black Clover: Quartet Knights, PlayStation 4, Japan, US, Europe, North America, release date, features, gameplay, price, game



  • Magic Meets Third Person Shooter – Black Clover Quartet Knights combines magical powers with third-person shooter gameplay. Target your enemies using your magic sights and unleash your powers to inflict massive damage
  • Never Before Seen Story Content – Black Clover Quartet Knights also features a brand new story depicting Yami Sukehiro, captain of the Black Bull Squad, in his younger years
  • Co-Operative Gameplay – Band together with three friends to compete in thrilling four-on-four battles across three unique gameplay modes that will test you and your team’s ability to strategize in different ways. Players can fight to retain control of a circular ring in the arena in Zone Control. Finally, in Treasure Hunt, both teams battle it out for possession of a key that can unlock treasure in their base if they can find and bring it back there in one piece
  • Tactical Combat Gameplay – It takes more than brute force to win a match in Black Clover Quartet Knights. Clever tactics are also key when facing off against fierce enemy squads. To that end, players can choose from many different characters from across the Black Clover universe, each serving a specific role such as fighter, shooter, supporter, and healer, which offer unique strengths and abilities to their teams. A good, complementary balance of character types and individual specialties on a team goes a long way to attaining victory, so choose wisely


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