It’s the Waifu’s Payback Time! Bullet Girls Phantasia New Interrogation Gameplay

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Bullet Girls Phantasia

PS4™& PS Vita – Asia & Japan

Uh-oh, a Bullet Girls Phantasia news update. Who’s excited for this? Let’s go!

Bullet Girls Phantasia is the latest installment in the Bullet Girls series. It is a game developed by Shade and published by D3. And yesterday, D3 released a naughty reverse interrogation gameplay for the game.

Well, we all know that “Interrogation Training” is a trademark feature of the series. But mind you, this new Interrogation Training is even more exciting for all the fans out there. Developer Shade sprinkled a lot of spices this time that will surely move each one of you.

Because this time,

It’s time for the Waifu’s to tease YOU!

Are you ready for it? You better be! So without further ado, enjoy watching the video below.

(Warning: This video contains scenes that are not suitable for young audiences.)


As we all know, Bullet Girls Phantasia is an ecchi game with a mix of TPS elements. Players take control of the girls in the Ranger Club. And as mentioned earlier, the “Interrogation Training” is the key feature of the series.

Players have the power to tickle or somehow annoy the girls in this feature. They can either use the good/bad and soft/hard touches. This is purely for training missions and is essential to the story.

Moreover, various interrogation items are presented during the play. These include pacifiers, water guns, condensed milk and more. The girl’s mood varies depending upon the item used in the interrogation process. They also provide different responses too.

In this new gameplay trailer, it is totally different from the usual. This video introduces the reverse interrogation feature of the game. It’s now waifus turn to interrogate you.

Since this is an ecchi game, this is most likely added to turn on the players. Especially for those who have their masochist side. (No offense, dude.) They will give you the option to choose between soft and hard to get the best outcome.

Do you like it hard or soft?

Bullet Girls Phantasia is slated for an August 9, 2018, release. It is coming out in Japan and Asia. No western release has been announced at this point. But North American gamers can buy the Asia Version of the game instead. AS Version will feature both English and Traditional Chinese subs.

Get it here at! Tap that button below to save your copies.



Search no more, folks! opens the pre-order for Bullet Girls Phantasia Limited Edition! It is an Asia Version with a multi-language capacity. And of course, it comes with various sizzling collector’s items. Check out the content of the box below and don’t forget to PRE-ORDER YOURS NOW!

Bullet Girls Phantasia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Asia, Japan, price, release date, gameplay, features, New trailer, Bullet Girls Phantasia Interrogation gameplay, ecchi game

What’s in the box?

  • Bullet Girls Phantasia Game
  • Collector’s Box
  • Alternative Art Cover
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Full-Color Artbook
  • 3D Mousepad – Silvia Hortensie
  • Limited DLC
  • Character-themed Poker Cards


Watch the trailer for the game below in English and Chinese subs. You can also watch the Japanese trailer below.



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