Panties Vs. The World – Punch Line is Heading West Soon!

Punch Line, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, release date, Europe, price, gameplay, features, game

Punch Line

PS4™ & PS VITA – Europe

  • This game is rated PEGI 16.
  • Punch Line is from the creators of Zero Escape trilogy.
  • Based on the critically-acclaimed anime with a radically different ending.
  • Experience to be a poltergeist in this game. Start from moving objects to full-body possession!

Last April, the visual novel adventure game, Punch Line, was leaked via an ad slip in the Gal Gun 2 game. The game was rumored to be coming out on North America and Europe on Summer 2018. And this is what it looked like:

Punch Line, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, release date, Europe, price, gameplay, features, game

-via Gematsu

Right after that, GameStop Ireland finally listed Punch Line on the confirmed games to be released. According to the list, the game will release physically and digitally on both PS4 and PS Vita. GameStop also provides the European box art and an English overview of the game. Take a look at the box art below.

Punch Line was first published in Japan for the PS Vita and PS4 in 2016. And now, this extraordinary visual novel is ready to head West! PQube officially announced this good news via a post on their site. And they are really excited about it!

In fact, this glorious announcement has gone up on their Twitter account. A trailer of the game was shared as well. We bet that this news brings music to your ears, folks. See the announcement on twitter below.


So, North American and European gamers, get ready for the arrival of Punch Line in your regions. But there’s still no definite release date for the game.

All we know is that it’s slated for Summer 2018 launch. But no worries, dear gamers! Once PQube announced the official release date for the game, we will be posting it up.

And if you want to save your copies as early as now, is the key. Pre-orders for the EU version of Punch Line is now open on our website. Click that button below to save your copies.


We also have the Japan Version of the game! Click that button below to check it.



In Punch Line, players follow the role of Yūta Iridatsu. He is an average normal high school guy who has an extreme uneasiness at panties. Yūta never notices how frequent panty flashes in his everyday life until they ruin his day. (See his profile below)

Punch Line, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, release date, Europe, price, gameplay, features, game

One day, Yūta finds himself in the middle of a bus hijacking incident. From there, he meets the well-known crime fighter, Strange Juice. Momentarily, something strange happens to Yūta. He became a ghost! At that moment, Yūta figures out that his affection for panties causes destruction on Earth.

And since he’s a ghost, nobody sees him. This situation allows Yūta to wander all the unseen in the world. And the most terrifying of them all, loads and loads of panties. If Yūta sees too many panties, he gets too excited, faints, and… destroys Earth.

What could be the reason why Yūta transformed into a ghost? How can he time travel? Why does the Earth crumble whenever Yūta sees many panties?

With this in mind, you must help Yūta to solve this puzzling mystery. Find out all the answers to those questions and save the Earth!… after checking out the underwear of those girls.


  • Be a friendly ghost – Haunt a house full of girls while you solve puzzles, play tricks and cause trouble.
  • An immersive adventure – Visual Novel elements mixed with 3D environments and point-and-click aspects.
  • Be a trickster – play elaborate pranks on your housemates, but don’t get too excited if you see their panties!
  • Get uber – hang out with superheroes such as Strange Juice and discover your own strength!
  • Beware your weakness – See too many panties and you will destroy humanity.
  • Put on your detective hat – Investigate to get your body back with the help of a perverted ghost-cat.
  • Save the planet – Use time travel to go back and prevent the earth from exploding, while defeating terrorists at the same time!


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