Monster Hunter World upcoming summer update

The Summer Twilight Fest

Gday Hunters, the coming Monster Hunter Event “The Summer Twilight Fest” confirmed by Capcom on the official web. Same as the last event, Celestial Pursuit will bedeck with summer decorations, hunters and Poogie will also have a brand new set outfit unlock byexclusive bounties.

The event will host during July 13th to 27th and for sure, almost all previously released event quests, including exclusive Summer Twilight Fest quests will be available. 

Behemoth crossover event confirmed will be in August

During Monster Hunter Radio, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto confirmed the crossover event will available in August. And as we all know the event gonna put the Final Fantasy iconic boss “Behemoth“ in Monster Hunter World.


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 Monster Hunter: World

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  1. Avatar saim says:

    Thank you for sharing about about update of Monster Hunter World. i was unknown from this update thank you for posting and good luck for the next.

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