It’s summertime! Play easy with your Nintendo 3DS for le$$

On car, plane, and even on the foreshore or on the top of the mountain the Nintendo 3DS is probably one of the best consoles that bring fun anytime and anywhere!
With the upcoming Nintendo 3DS Ultra Summer Sale, which will start on July 19, you can get more than 500 refreshing titles for insane reductions! Check all of them here, and use the instant Japanese Nintendo eShop Digital Cards to enjoy some of the hottest digital games of this Summer!

Azure Striker Gunvolt 爪 – 980JPY (50% Off)

Jump, run, and strike at the speed of light!
Gunvolt and Copen are here to save the humankind from a new cult who promise supernatural powers in change of absolute obedience.
Azure Striker Gunvolt for Nintendo 3DS is a hyper fast-paced 2D retro-style action game. With his flashing abilities, Gunvolt is back in action!!! Pulverize hordes of mindless creatures that have been created only to prepare the world for a new evil ruling order. Strive for justice and for the sake of humanity, but do it as fastest as you can because to stop the wicked Sumeragi Group there is no time…no mercy…and no limits!

Kirby Fighters Z – 486JPY (40% Off)

Ladies and gentlemen…the cutest Dreamland’s Tournament of Martial Arts is about to start!
In the colorful Kirby Fighters Z, you’ll puff through castles, caves, dungeons, forests, and much more to defeat the greedy generals of King Dedede. Unleash outstanding combos and supreme energy balls both alone or with up to 3 other friends, but even if the victory is near don’t catch off guard!
Blow up your rivals to achieve new super-powers and extreme abilities, then use them wisely to throw them out of the screen!
Kirby Fighters Z is the ultimate showdown of cuteness and strength for Nintendo 3DS…be ready for a new kind of spectacular digital-only Kirby action!

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest – 3758JPY (40% Off)

Koichi Sugiyama is a BOSS!
If you don’t know who he is, all you have to know that he’s the composer behind the legendary music of Dragon Quest. Now you can discover this creative genius with Theatrhythm Dragon Quest on Nintendo 3DS!
Featuring more than 60 epic tracks carefully selected from Dragon Quest I to X; you can dive into this magical music world playing the three modes that will give you the opportunity to listen to some of the best songs ever composed for a video game series, and unlock a plethora of new characters and items that will make the quest easier (but just a little…)
Similar to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, this is an unmissable gem that checks all the nostalgia boxes while doing justice to the bright and vibrant world of DQ!

Senran Kagura Burst Guren no Shojo-Tachi – 1500JPY (21% Off)

Go back to school with Senran Kagura Burst Guren no Shojo-tachi!
The Hanzo and Hebijo Shinobi Academies are worldwide renowned for their quality of teaching; despite their rivalry, the girls who attend them are considered the most skilled kunoichi of Japan. But this time the things are getting worse because the owner of the Hebijo Academy wants to summon an army of demons to rule over the country…and on Earth. It’s time for the schoolgirls to join their forces to stop this diabolical mayhem!
Providing a huge dose of fast-paced battles, gorgeous girls, and fanservice; Senran Kagura Burst Guren no Shojo-tachi for Nintendo 3DS contains also the traditional (and hugely beloved) costume destruction’s feature.
This game will keep your blood pressure and adrenaline high; strip the girls responsibly

Zelda Musou Hyrule All-Stars – 3332JPY (40% Off)

Every legend has a beginning…
Live the first adventure of Link with 
Zelda Musou Hyrule All-Stars on your 3DS!
Using her immense powers to bend time and space; Cia has kidnapped Princess Zelda to test her might against the strongest heroes of Hyrule. Struggling for the lives of all the Hyrulian living beings and for the sake of power, the proud and brave Link is one of the few warriors who can stop her. Now, the greatest showdown in history is about to start!
Wield the sacred Master Sword, and [re]experience this classic Musou treasure. Magnificent than ever; thanks to its astonishing graphics and the big roster of playable characters, the action on the battlefield becomes more exciting, and your skills even more powerful. Without any doubt, this special chapter will make happy both the old and new fans of The Legend of Zelda series, and the lovers of hyper-fast paced action games.
Zelda Musou Hyrule All-Stars sees you against many thousands of enemies. All packed in the cool style that has captured hack and slash fans’ hearts all around the world!

Metroid Samus Returns – 3227JPY (40% Off)

Name: Samus Aran
Occupation: bounty hunter
Her mission: Eradicate the Metroid alien life form to save the planets of the Federation from certain death
— End of Transmission…—

Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS is a race against time in which you, in the boots of Samus, must run across long, dark corridors and long-forgotten ruins to rescue all the mysterious relics that can provide amazing powers to the beings who own them.
This out-of-this-world side-scrolling action game features a lot of new delightful contents such as brand new abilities powerful counterattacks, and the exciting 360-degree Free Aim Mode.
What seems simple at the start will change soon. Samus will learn that an ominous shadow lurks in the darkness, a shadow which stealthily hunts the hunter…don’t get caught unprepared; load the weapons, shine the armor, and win for the galaxy!

Don’t miss this hot campaign! From July 19 for a small amount of digital yen, you can download from the Japanese Nintendo eShop a cornucopia of wonderful titles that will make your summer funnier than ever!


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