The Horror Visual Novel Shiin or Death Mark is Coming to the West

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PS4™, PS Vita & Switch – JAPAN


Are you one of those gamers who’s waiting for the English localization of Shiin (死印 ) or Death Mark? We have great news, folks! Aksys Games announced that Shiin or Death Mark is coming to the West. It’s coming to all three platforms in North America and Europe. However, the release date is still unknown.

Here’s the announcement from RPG Site. RPG Site covered the upcoming games from Aksys Games from Anime Expo 2018.

Here’s the overview of the game below.

The game’s story is based on a rumor that alleges that in Tokyo’s “H” district those who receive a death seal will die. There have been cases in which people that had a mysterious mark appear suddenly on their body have died without an explanation, causing the spreading of the rumor. Some think that the seal is caused by encountering a ghost, or being affected by a curse. Those who have the death seals are suddenly called to a certain villa. The protagonist is one of them, and is greeted by a beautiful talking doll that welcomes him to “Kujou Mansion.” The doll warns him that he will die if he doesn’t manage to do something about it. – via Dualshockers

The Western version of Shiin or Death Mark is not yet available on our website. In retrospect, Shiin or Death Mark was first released in Japan last 2017 for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch followed. By the way, we have available stocks for the Japanese version of this game. So, secure your copies right now! Click the button below to buy now.


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  • Horror adventure – Explore the spirit spot in which the existence of fear is exceeding human knowledge. Lurks the existence of those who carried the same fate and find a way to survive
  • Going through the darkness – Monsters are hiding in place where people do not approach, such as abandoned school, forestry, wrecked company. You have to proceed through it, only relying on a flashlight. The more you search for clues, the more the situation gets worse
  • Time limit – The remaining life has a time limit and will be shunned by mistaking the judgment during the search. And when the death by the curse comes close, the monster shows its figure
  • Clue – The information gathered will be the last resort to despair. If you take erroneous actions, gradually close the distance, you will have a definite end



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