My Hero One’s Justice new game mode

Story Mode

Bandai Namco updated My Hero Academia One’s Justice the new game mode, Character Customization and revealed the third trailer. During the story mode, players allow playing as a Hero or Villain to show back different manga and anime’s scene.  Each stage has the customization items reward for characters and some unique items have to unlock by the special requirement, which tests your skill and how you understand the character.

Battle Mode

Unlike some fail Gundam game, Bandai decides to bring back the local multiplay and free battle. Finally, you can play against with your friends sit to next.  While you think you strong enough, online battle also will be a good platform to test your skill or even challenge the ranking battle to be the top Hero!!! Or you also can have fun to show off your customize outfit 

New characters – Grantorino & Muscular

Grantorino, mentor of ‘All Might’ and also pro hero right now. Ability is able to jet from his foot, which allows him to move high speed in air. 

Muscular, the enemy characterized by the eye prosthesis. He able to reinforce his muscle freely and enhance his power punch.  He’s definitely one of best power character in the game, find out his weak spot is the only way to beat him.

My Hero One’s Justice is coming on August 23 in Japan, available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Check out and pre-order now! By the way, My Hero Academy’s movie has also been announced available in the cinema on 3 August!


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