Go blue with Mega Man X Anniversary Collection 1 + 2 for PS4, Switch, and XO!

Mega Man X Anniversary Collection 1 + 2

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Xplosive Action Collection

This story began 25 years ago during the year 21XX…
A mysterious prototype robot named X has been used as the model to develop and build a new generation of sophisticated robots known as Reploids (REPLica andrOIDS). Unfortunately, some models were affected by a serious bug that forced them to attack the mankind; these defected machines has been renamed Mavericks. To prevent the spread of these robots, the worldwide renowned scientist and archaeologist Dr. Cain discovered the last Dr. Light’s creation: the Model X. This hugely updated version of original Mega Man has been used to form the elite squad of the Maverick Hunters!
Finally…on July 26; X, Zero & Axl will return on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One to prevent the human-destroying plans of the evil Commander Sigma with the xtreme Mega Man X Anniversary Collection 1 + 2!!!

Split into two different versions, this wonderful fast-paced mega collection contains all the eight episodes that made Mega Man X one of the best action-packed series of all time. Even if you’re a veteran or a newcomer if you’ll play Mega Man X Anniversary Collection 1 + 2 for PS4, Switch and XO, you’ll xperience a bunch of timeless classics that will bring you some unforgettable heroic adventures! Proudly presented in a glorious 90s colorful pop-style; with these nostalgic compilations you’ll witness the 16 (and then) the 32 Bit evolution of the series that pioneered the jump-and-shoot genre. In 25 years of global successes, the Blue Bomber has appeared not only in games but also in cartoons, toys, apparel, and many other different products.

In addition to the eight gaming masterpieces, in Mega Man X Anniversary Collection 1 + 2 you’ll have also the unique opportunity to visit the virtual museum in which are archived hundreds of concept artworks, promotional materials, detailed explanations, the nostalgic commercial movies, without forgetting the anime movie which tells the origin of Sigma. Featuring the brand new “X Challenge” Mode where joining the forces with another Reploid you must exploit all of your powers to eradicate some of the fiercest Mavericks ever in an attempt to compromise the domination plans of their wicked supreme commander!
Jump, shoot, and power-up both offline and online; climb the leaderboards; clear all the hi-tech challenges, and burn up the speed limits with the fast ‘n’ furious eight timeless adventures that will let you [re]discover a new kind of iconic mega legacy!!

Enter into the retro-future world on the brink of destruction. Emerge to face Sigma and his evil forces before the human race is wiped from the planet. Keep the peace to create a bright future where humans and robots can coexist in harmony. You’re more than a simple robot, you’re the ultimate protector of the world.
Enjoy a truly memorable gaming experience in any sense digitally and physically with this mega-collection on two volumes…Mega Man X still rocks!

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