NG – The Second PS Vita Horror Game of Experience Inc. is Coming Out Soon

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PlayStation Vita – Japan

Following the release of Death Mark, Experience Inc. announced the second entry in their “spirit horror” series. The upcoming horror game was first seen in the Weekly Famitsu with a title, NG or “No Good.” NG will launch on September 19, 2018, for the PlayStation Vita in Japan.

No localization update has been announced yet. But, the game is now open to pre-order here at Save your copies now.


Recently, Experience Inc. has shared the debut trailer for the upcoming NG horror game. You can watch the video below.


Also, you can find the official story of the game below.


Danger beyond this point!

Tokyo, 1999. A certain girl suddenly disappeared from the city. With that event as the catalyst, a boy got dragged into a game of life and death. Spirits and ghosts themed after fantasy and legends will gradually corrode everyday life, transforming common sense into something else.

“They have no rhyme or reason.”

The boy clenches his fists and fights—alongside no-doubt-about-it outlaws!

As seen in the story overview above, the game is set in Tokyo during the year 1999. The protagonist of the game is a young high school student boy. The girl who went missing is his younger sister. The young boy then embarks on a mission to find her missing sister. Unfortunately, he finds himself on a game of life and death situation.

Are you now getting curious who are the main characters of the game? You can see their profile cards below.

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NG is developed with the concept of Japanese horror’s “quiet fear” that started on Experience’s first horror game, Death Mark. Unlike Death Mark, NG is a horror game where the players confront ghosts and legends. It offers a never before produced, strange fear experience through its Fumiya Sumio-illustrated characters and thoroughly in-depth situations.

You can see the screenshots of the game below.


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Want to know more about the game? Read the official features below.


  • A Completely New Title Themed After the Corrosion of Everyday Life – Developed with the concept of Japanese horror’s “creeping fear,” NG is the second entry in the “spirit horror” series. Unlike the first entry, Death Mark, NG is a horror experience that plays out in a familiar setting, where the player confronts ghosts themed after fantasy and legends. By the time it occurs to you, your daily life may have already been encroached on…
  • An Unknown Fear Experience Told through Outlaws and Horror – It offers a never before done, unknown fear experience through its Fumiya Sumio-illustrated characters and profoundly in-depth scenarios.
  • Numerous “Fear”-Inducing Scenes – With the introduction of the new “Survival Escape” system, NG is an even greater production of “fear.” Additionally, NG offers an even greater sense of uneasiness and tension with aspects like the “Crisis Choice” system where any error in judgment will prove immediately fatal or when “death” visits your companions.

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