Watch the Second Trailer of Bullet Girls Phantasia Here

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Bullet Girls Phantasia

PlayStation 4™ & PlayStation Vita – JAPAN & ASIA



D3 Publisher has released the official second trailer for Bullet Girls Phantasia. In this trailer, it features the extensive gameplay of the waifus. Plus, some customization options available and you know what’s next, right? Some actions that are not suitable for work or NSFW!

PS: NSFW ALERT! Watch the second trailer below.

Here are some of the screenshots from the trailer below.

What do you expect from a Bullet Girls title? Shooting and poof! Revealing clothes here and there, this is somewhat exciting especially if you really love ecchi games.

Are you not familiar with Bullet Girls Phantasia? Take a look on the overview of the game below.

Bullet Girls Phantasia is the latest entry in the Bullet Girls series. It is an action shooting game where you control the girls of the “Ranger Club,” which is a school organization established with the purpose of defense training, and fight enemies one after the next. In this installment, the setting has changed from a school to a fantasy world, where you will fight against monsters like orcs and slimes that come at you in big numbers. Take on the challenge of using modern day weapons like rifles and shotguns.  – via H2 Interactive

Bullet Girls Phantasia, Bullet Girls, PS4, PS Vita, Japan, Asia, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, game updates, screenshot, second trailer, Bullet Girls Fantasia, 子彈少女 3 (多型語言版), Bullet Girls 3

Bullet Girls Phantasia will be available in Japan and in Southeast Asia this August 09 for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. What’s the great news? The Southeast Asia version with Multi-language of this game will be only available here at! Plus, there’s a Limited Edition also open for pre-orders.

See the inclusion of the Limited Edition below.

Box contents

  • Bullet Girls Phantasia Game
  • Collector’s Box
  • Alternative Art Cover
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Full Color Artbook
  • 3D Mousepad – Silvia Hortensie
  • Limited DLC
  • Character-themed Poker Cards

Grab this opportunity folks! Just click the button below and start shooting those enemies with the girls of the Ranger Club in Bullet Girls Phantasia.


Read more about the game here.



  • Exhilarating Shooting Action – As a game set in a fantasy world, monsters such as orcs and slimes will appear as enemies. Exterminate the countless monsters that approach with firearms such as assault rifles, shotguns, and bazookas. Furthermore, fantasy world weapons such as swords and magic also appear in great numbers. Since you can equip up to three weapons at once, you can switch up your weapon depending on the situation. You will use firearms, swords, and magic to crush the countless monsters that attack the girls
  • Buddies – The player can choose two characters: the “Attacker” controlled by the player and the “Buddy” that follows and supports them in battle. Each character is equipped with dedicated weapons, and combining characters in ways that allow the Buddy to follow up on the weaknesses of the Attacker, for example, are the key to succeeding missions. Of course, the girls of Misakimori Academy will also be able to tag team with the residents of the fantasy world, such as Silvia. Work together with your Buddy to defeat the countless monsters that stand in your way!
  • Tanks – Firearms and swords aren’t the only weapons you can use on the battlefield. There are situations where tanks are placed on the battlefield, which you can enter and freely control. Tanks are good for dealing major blows to large groups of monsters, as well as hitting them from a distance. The feeling of exhilaration when blowing back a group of orcs with a tank’s overwhelmingly destructive power is beyond measure. Show the monsters of this fantasy world the true strength of modern day weaponry!
  • PTA (Pantsu Chirari Action) – The “Pantsu Chirari Action” (PTA, for short) of previous games, where you get a glance up the girls’ skirts each time they use one of their various actions, is well and alive in Bullet Girls Phantasia. With every little action, whether it’s a dash, emergency evade, close-range attack, or crawl, you can get a peak of their underwear on the battlefield. Since the monsters have no understanding of the wonders of this underwear-peeking rhythm, it does not have any effect on the monsters, but it’s definitely a sight for the player’s eyes. With the beautiful, completely rebuilt character models, enjoy the wealth of PTA variations to your heart’s content!
  • Clothes Destruction – The girls’ clothes will gradually be destroyed as they receive attacks from monsters. Each piece of clothing, such as the arms, chest, back, and so on, has stamina, and if it continues to receive damage and runs out of stamina, the girl’s bare skin will be revealed together with a cut-in scene. Of course, the underwear and bra under their clothing are also subject to destruction. If everything is destroyed, the girl will be completely naked in the end…! In order to clear the mission and protect the girls’ pure hearts, slip through the monsters’ mean attacks to avoid destruction. However, if you want to see the bare skin beneath their clothing…! It’s a painful decision, but you’ll have to choose one over the other
  • 360-Degree Interrogation Training – Since there are times when you may get captured and interrogated by the enemy, the Ranger Club regularly practices “Interrogation Training.” Even when going from the modern day setting to the fantasy world setting, Interrogation Training is still a thing. Poke, rub, and tap the girls’ bodies, and even use various Interrogation items like water guns, chikuwa, and condensed milk. Follow your instincts and work the girls hard! Additionally, Interrogation Training has evolved even further in Bullet Girls Phantasia. Whereas the camera angle in the previous games was fixed, this time you can freely move it in 360 degrees
  • Kukkoro Mode – Depending on the compatibility of the girl you choose for Interrogation Training with your Interrogation item of choice, “Kukkoro Mode” may trigger during Interrogation. In this mode, the girl receives two times the pleasant feelings she would normally receive from Interrogation Training, and touching her invokes a several times more powerful reaction



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