Polygod for XB1 and Switch – Are you a God? No? Then…DIE!


Xbox™One, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Brutal FPS

Since when the firsts men and women have developed the concept of “god”, all of us faced – at least once in your life – hard challenges attributing them to an invisible supernatural being who enjoys playing with us. You know, how many times have you heard things like “I have been doing everything right. I have prayed, obeyed my personal god, and read the sacred texts daily. What did I do wrong? Why the god allowed me to go through such hard times? Does (s)he not care about me? Am I saved?” and so on…
All of these common troubles are commonly known as “Trials of God” and they are present in our life not only to discover what you’re made of but also to pave your way towards the Godhood.
This is the case of Faceless the Blessed! As an ultimate first-class trial, God has exterminated his people, leaving him the last one of his kind in the whole universe.
This fact left Faceless confused and furious, so he decided to avenge the death of his race, and at the same time becoming a God himself. It’s time to shine your arsenal, and shoot your way across the celestial kingdoms with Polygod, the new rogue-like FPS for XB1, and Switch!

The premise is simple yet time-tested: a lone survivor must face by himself the literal hordes of God’s minions. Armed only with an incredible prowess and an arsenal of mystical weapons you must help him to reach the glory facing a relentless campaign where the foundations of intense FPS action quake with rage. Enemies will fly, climb, crawl at alarming speeds, and they will be unscripted with their own unique movements so that no encounter is the same.
Filled with brutal addictive gameplay mechanics; Polygod for XB1 and Switch is one of the most challenging FPS of the year. Enjoy its unique art-style and soundtrack, but not too much…indeed in this game each second could be your last one due to its steep difficulty curve; you must be always stay alerted because many adversities are waiting for you.

Luckily in the heavenly world, not all have been created to harm you. Find all the long forgotten Altars of Worship, and in charge of the fallen enemies’ souls; you’ll get new skills, abilities, and even unlock new characters that can help you to pursue your ultimate objective. Don’t be concerned if you haven’t got all you need to ascend to Godhood; the randomly generated worlds are full of secret shortcuts, and well-hidden items. Explore each level carefully to find what you need to slay those irritating Holy Champions both alone or with the aid of your friends. With them, you can work together to save the universe from the celestial apocalypse!

In this unconventional quest for discovery, honor, and spirituality you’ll experience an out-of-this-world weapon customization option that allows you to combine and eventually create hundreds of powerful weapons delivering a very fresh take on the FPS genre; making it a real dream for all the fans of milestones such as Doom and Quake!!!
Learn quickly how to control god-like powers through multi-tier completely destructible environments; how craft super weapons that shatter whole lands with a single hit, and delight an unforgettable story of revenge; all of this makes Polygod for XB1, and Switch more epic than ever. This game is a new classic, and we’re sure that it’ll be loved for all the right reasons – reasons that involve you and your friends in a digital-only smashing feast to acquire the truly Goodhood!


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