Let’s (m)eat together at the Little Dragons Café on PS4 and Switch!

Little Dragons Café

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Café Running JRPG

We’re pleased to invite you to the one and only Little Dragons Café!
Our mission is to prepare homemade specialties at a very affordable price. In here we try to re-define the café experience through setting new standards of quality and offering to our customers the best food in town to create a relaxing yet cheerful atmosphere in which everyone can plunge into.
Large windows, a piano, and stylish furnishings adorn the space making it a leisurely ambiance. This is not an average cafe! This a place for dreamers; where you can talk about your ideas, cuddle your dragon puppy, and record your memories for all to enjoy.
In addition, we regularly organize charity events and conferences with professionals to make people more aware of how to adopt & breed dragons, and about the right behavior to have with our scaled friends.
If you’re interested, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to always keep up-to-date with our events or call us to book a table if you want to taste our fresh and delicious delicacies.

Designed by Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of Harvest Moon series, Little Dragons Café for PS4 and Switch is a brand new kind of game that mix in a very delightful way the business simulation and the JRPG genres to craft something unique! Set in a fantasy world; this adventure sees a family composed of a mother and her two twin heirs who opened a new cafe-bistro. Things go well until the day the old lady fell into a deep sleep…The twins try anything to wake up their mother, but with no results. But when a wandering old wizard stops at the diner, they ask him a consult; as soon as he sees her condition he tells them that she’s critically ill and that the only way to restore her health is to rise a dragon. To do it the staff team (built by chef, waiter, and waitress) is ready to begin a new quest that will lead them to take good care of a cute ‘n’ troublemaker dragon puppy, and at the same time work hard to make the café the most trendy one in town.

In Little Dragons Café for PS4 and Switch you not only travel far and wide across the kingdom to discover new local recipes and the rarest ingredients to expand the menu. Reach the top of the gastronomic biz becoming a true legend of fine cuisine thanks also to the exploiting of your own smart management skills.
Start with nothing except a deep passion for food, attract many people as you can proposing ever new exotic homemade dishes that will cater all the whims of your customers (yes, even the hardest to please)!
Obviously, that’s not all, because you have also a creature to cherish. This magical pet encloses the secret to cure your mother. Keep it clean and healthy, feed it with the most delicious food, create a very special bond; your efforts will be rewarded revealing its true power.

Make all the people around you happy living every day to its fullest. Don’t let the adversities put you off; you have all is needed to reach the success and to cure your mother. Build new relationships, help people, and offer support to the ones near you both digitally and physically with Little Dragons Café, the new epic cooking and breeding adventure for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!


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