Punch Line is Arriving to Your PS4 & PS Vita Very Soon! Release Date, Confirmed

Punch Line, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, US, North America, Europe, release date, price, gameplay, features, update

Punch Line

PS4™ & PS Vita – US & Europe

Last May, PQube confirmed that the thrilling visual-novel adventure game from Kōtarō Uchikoshi and the writer of the Zero Escape Trilogy that Punch Line will be released this Summer in Europe and North America.

And just a couple of days ago, PQube is pleased to announce that Punch Line will arrive on August 31 in Europe, and September 25 in North America. 

But not only the release date has been announced, but also the Limited Edition of the game. Punch Line’s Limited Edition will come with a high-quality premium art book which consists of 128 pages. This fine art book will showcase the visual novel’s stunning artworks. In addition, you will get a unique packaging of Punch Line’s Standard version.

You can check out their announcement on Twitter as well.


PQube released a new trailer for Punch Line that reveals the official release date of the game. You can find it below along with its official announcement.


Looking where to buy Punch Line? Play-Asia.com got you!

Pre-orders for the Europe and North America version of the game is still open here on our website. Hurry and reserve your copies now.


We also have the Japan Version of the game! Click that button below to check it.


 Limited Edition

Punch Line, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, US, North America, Europe, release date, price, gameplay, features, update

The Limited Edition (Europe version) of the game is also available here at Play-Asia.com. However, it’s not yet open for pre-orders. So, stay tuned.

What’s in the box?

  • Punch Line Game
  • Limited Edition Artbook
  • Exclusive limited box design

*While supplies last.


For more information about the game, you can refer to the details below.


Yūta Iridatsu is a pretty normal high school kid, with one exception: he faints if he sees girls’ panties. You never quite notice how frequent panty flashes can be until they ruin your day – he has to not look, or it’s lights out!

When he one day finds himself in the midst of a bus hijacking incident, he meets the famed vigilante crime fighter Strange Juice, and something unexpected happens to Yūta – his soul separates from his body. Stuck in a ghostly incorporeal form, he finds that his penchant for panties has disastrous consequences.

While a ghost form lends itself to panty sightings galore, allowing Yūta to wander unseen, looking up skirts and causing shenanigans, there’s a terrible catch: if he sees too many panties, Yūta gets too excited, faints, and somehow causes an asteroid to hit the Earth and destroy all life on the planet.

Able to travel back in time to before the destruction of the Earth, Yūta’s task is clear – solve this mystery! What happened to turn Yūta into a ghost? How can he time travel? Why does fainting at the sight of panties cause a destruction of the world!?

Answers must be found! …right after checking out the panties on that girl over there.

-Via PQube



  • Be a friendly ghost – Haunt a house full of girls while you solve puzzles, play tricks and cause trouble.
  • An immersive adventure – Visual Novel elements mixed with 3D environments and point-and-click aspects.
  • Be a trickster – play elaborate pranks on your housemates, but don’t get too excited if you see their panties!
  • Get uber – hang out with superheroes such as Strange Juice and discover your own strength!
  • Beware your weakness – See too many panties and you will destroy humanity.
  • Put on your detective hat – Investigate to get your body back with the help of a perverted ghost-cat.
  • Save the planet – Use time travel to go back and prevent the earth from exploding, while defeating terrorists at the same time!


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