3D Realms Anthology for Steam – Firepower and guts matters!

3D Realms Anthology

Steam Ι Genre: Classics never dies

Do you remember the 90s? During that glorious decade, many cultural phenomena (many of which are still present today) marked the life of billions of people in a very innovative way. Without any doubt; the biggest revolution has been the introduction to the common people of the World Wide Web; which is, still now, an essential part of our life.
But the innovations don’t stop here, how to forget the release in 1995 of Toy Story, the first full-length movie developed in CGI. But what about our beloved video games? Well, in 1996 Nintendo released the highly praised Super Mario 64 thanks to whom the use of the polygons became the new standard in developing. Following it on October 25, 1996, the first global digital sex symbol made her appearance on PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC; obviously, we’re talking of the ultra-popular Lara Croft. She has transcended the video games’ industry appearing during her long career on more than 1230 magazine covers including Time Magazine & MAD, four movies, a comic book series, and many other different media that made her a globally renowned pop-icon.

In addition, it’s needless to mention also the introduction of the FPS genre, begun with the shareware project called DOOM, this new kind of video game increased hugely its popularity thanks also to the unconventional and controversial Duke Nukem developed by 3D Realms.
Now, you have the golden opportunity to (re)live those glorious days with the comprehensive 3D Realms Anthology for Steam!

Install this massive digital-only compilation on your PC or Mac;  you’ll delve into the story of 3D Realms playing with the most legendary 32 milestones of their long and successful career in one handy package. Offering a great selection of awe-inspiring titles; exploit the unique opportunity to rediscover some all-time favorite titles. They will give you a huge amount of fun even if you’re a newcomer or an old veteran. For a little more of US$ 15, you bring at your home a piece of gaming history, including the original Duke Nukem series, Wolfenstein 3D, Alien Carnage, Shadow Warrior, and many other ones.
Featuring all the original art-style, magic, and a completely rearranged soundtrack you can easily relive your “Pentium Inside” memories with this monumental classic collection that can be played both alone or with your friends.

Helping to create the first person shooter genre during the 90s; 3D Realms Anthology for Steam will bring you in a multiverse of mayhem and destruction. This compilation has everything it takes to be the king-of-the-hill in massive carnage!
It’s time to eradicate the evil from the world. Run and shoot throughout more than 100 battlezones of nonstop action. Load your weapons to prove your battle skills. The 3D Realm’s glorious past awaits you! Get into many intergalactic wars while you go back to the 90s in the comfort of your gaming room.

The time is running out, play with 32 out-of-this-world milestones with the digital-only 3D Realms Anthology for Steam to experience how was the game industry during that decade of great changes!


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