Watch Here: Aksys Released the First Episode of The Making of Little Dragons Cafe

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Little Dragons Cafe

PS4™ & Switch – US, EU, JAPAN & ASIA

Aksys has launched a new video series for the cafe strategy game, Little Dragons Cafe, starring the Game’s Creator, Yasuhiro Wada. This new “The Making of Little Dragons Cafe” series will go over how this game started from the ground up. From how it came to be a Nintendo Switch and PS4 game we see today to how it went from a cafe game that also has a dragon in it.

The video starts with Wada explaining he wanted a relaxing game focusing on a cafe and its customers. But then, he thinks that there’s still something else that he can add in the game to build more connection in the world.

So that’s the time when he asked the opinion of 7’scarlet’s Director and Writer, Tomio Kanazawa, which he referred to as “Kanazawa’s magic.” Kanazawa then says that Wada’s original story was not “catchy” and was a little “bland.” Kanazawa’s suggestion led to the dragon becoming a huge element of the game. And that is where the idea comes from where people get to raise the dragon and take care of it while also running the cafe.

Check out the video below with the very charming background music and details.


You can also watch the trailer and 15-minute gameplay for the game below.


PRE-ORDER YOURS HERE AT PLAY-ASIA.COM will not only offer the Western and Japan version of the game, but also the Asia Version. And you can pre-order the game now. Due out on August 30, 2018. Reserve your copies now.


Simulation game Little Dragons Cafe will launch for PlayStation 4 and Switch in North America on August 24 and August 30 in Japan. Meanwhile, the EU version of the game is slated for a September 21 release. All regions are now open for pre-order. Grab your copies now.


Little Dragons Cafe is co-developed by Aksys Games and Toybox Games. Aksys Games will publish the game in North America and Rising Star Games in Europe. And for Japan, Marvelous will act as the game’s publisher.

Are you as excited as these fellow Little Dragons Cafe devotees?

For more information about the game, you can refer to the details below.


  • Raise your very own dragon! – Embrace your nurturing instincts and raise your own dragon! Through wise decisions, proper nutrition, and empathetic nurturing show the world the true potential of your dragon companion!
  • Create culinary masterpieces and run a successful café – Learn new recipes and master the art of cooking while running your café. Explore the world, discover new ingredients, and expand your menu (and your restaurant!) while catering to the whims of your customers
  • Farm the land and harvest nature’s bounty – The best dishes use the freshest ingredients. And the best way to ensure that is to grow your own produce. Till the land and fish the rivers, and gather the most flavourful fixings for your signature dishes
  • Serve the townsfolk, make them happy! – Not only cook for the people in your town but also help them with their problems to increase your popularity and the general happiness of everyone around you.


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