Death’s Gambit for PS4: The Grim Reaper needs you today!

Death’s Gambit

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: 2D Kill! Kill! Kill! Action

Often known as “Dark Ages” the Middle Ages was an era that recalls the concepts of war, destruction, and death. Many novels, movies, and games are set in this specific period of time; bringing to the modern people the ideas of a society who suffered violence and bloodshed, while plagues and harsh conditions conspired against progress. But how this idea was born and above all was it true? As you maybe already know the history is full of people which refer to the period of their existence as dark times. If we go back to the XIV Century, the popular poet Petrarch compared his era with a suppository golden age of the past, which coincides with the Classical Age of ancient Greeks and Romans.
Seeing that all the cultural and economic aspects of the society were in decline, both Petrarch and other poets came to the conclusion that everything was crumbling and no one could restore the ancient glories.
Due to this fact; through the centuries historians like Edward Gibbon have started to refer to the Middle Ages as an obscure time in which evil tyrants, superstitious people, and a general sense of oppression were a daily occurrence.
Dark but charming; from today you can enter into this mythicized era with your PS4 because the brutal Death’s Gambit is finally out!

Leydia is a distant planet inhabited by a wide array of races and civilizations. The ones who own the highest level of magical skill rule over the others with an iron fist. But there’s one mystical, ancient being who is above all of them: Death. Even if it’s, in reality, a shapeless creature; all the livings see it as a pale, winged monster who wears a long black robe and wielding a mighty scythe. Even the most powerful kings of Leydia are afraid of it. Indeed Death uses its enormous influence to keep the planet in perfect balance.
In Death’s Gambit for PS4 you’re an agent of it, and your main objective is to gather even more souls for your master. But, recently something strange events occurred; the living has started to turn their attention to other supernatural beings. It’s time to shine your sword and discover who they are, banish your fear and challenge them in a struggle that could change this world forever!

Travel to the four quarters of the world in this hardcore 2D Action-RPG. From the highest snowy mountains to the deepest underground caves; Death’s Gambit for PS4 will let you discover a thrilling dark world. As Death’s right hand, you must fight hard to gather as many souls as you can to please your eternal master and receive the ultimate reward.
Featuring seven classes, each one with its peculiar skills and abilities, along with this epic adventure you will meet many kinds of living creatures. Some of them will help you revealing long-forgotten shortcuts, some others will try to kill you to take your place. In any case, think carefully which is the best strategy to adopt. Fight as best as you can to obtain new deadly weapons that will help you (a little) to slain the upcoming aspiring supreme rulers of Leydia.

Many enemies will stand fiercely in front of you. Learn their weak points, and then take your best shot. Providing an extreme gameplay and a great narrative, in Death’s Gambit for PS4 you’ll experience the dark side of the enlightenment, set free Leydia from the yoke of the undying guardians and help the Grim Reaper to restore the ancient cults with this digital-only tale of heroism and terror!


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