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Xbox Game Pass

Globally hailed as the “Netflix of video games”, the Xbox Game Pass service has started last year. Providing a catalog of more than 100 titles, it allows you to choose anytime & anywhere which story you want to live for an insanely cheap amount of money a month!
In the Xbox Game Pass, you’ll not find only the superlative first-party games developed by Microsoft Studios, but also many third parties IPs developed by Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco, and many other companies. Note also that with the Xbox Game Pass you can also play with the retro-gems of Xbox and Xbox 360 without any sort of problem.
Thanks to our Instant Digital Cards you can get more than 1 million hours of exciting games in the safest, and easiest way possible.

If you’re a retro gamer you’ll surely know all about the release of NEOGEO mini! Bringing 40 games this cool machine has been one of the most beloved dedicated video game consoles of the these years. With shipments selling out nearly immediately, with it you can play the greatest SNK games everywhere. Well, this is cool, but what do you think to delve into the NEOGEO universe with the wonderful 4KUHD resolution of a 65″ TV? Well, with the Xbox Game Pass you can do it!
For example you can return in Southtown with Terry Bogard, and show to a new generation of fighters the real power of the lone wolf with Garou MOW; get back into the feudal Japan with Samurai Shodown II to save the country (and then the rest of world) from the forces of darkness led by the vengeful spirit Mizuki Rashojin; or prevent the creation of a New World Order battling against General Morden and his huge army of minions both from Earth and from Mars following the valiant and noble deeds of a bunch of modern knights with Metal Slug XX and Metal Slug 3!
These are only a few of the NEOGEO games that you can play with your Xbox One. Prepare your eyes and your soul for an exploding retro MEGA SHOCK!

Do you have what it takes to be a soldier? Wear a uniform does not make you a soldier, there are some other traits that must be a part of you: loyalty, respect, duty, integrity, and courage!
All these values and a great aim can help you to become a trusted leader for your comrades. If you want to test your skills in a critical environment, don’t look further! Join the Xbox Brigade, and do something different.
Skcreeeeee, David Bowie was right, there is life on Mars! A horde of Cacodemons is getting near very fast, but a space marine armed only with a mere pistol what could do? Simple, locate more substantial firepower to blast your way through a relentless sequence of explosive demon-laden levels! Welcome in the far far away (about 225 million km from Earth) world of DOOM!
Grab the pad immediately! Take down all that scum from Mars starting with a tiny gun and finishing with a godly rocket launcher!
Prove that you are part of the locust extermination team joining the Serans Army in the Gears of War series. With the Xbox Game Pass, you can play all the four episodes of the saga, while you’re waiting for the release of the new chapter in 2019. Time is running out! Keep safe our civilization in these tales of hope, survival, and brotherhood!
According to the Microsoft official website “Cortana is your intelligent assistant across your life.” She helps you to save time, get organized, and give you a hand even in the most intricated situations. How do you know this? Simple, we’ve played with Halo series on our Xbox One! See how Cortana helps Master Chief to stop the onslaught of the Covenant, a terrifyingly aggressive alien civilization. But this time your support is vital to save the greatest prize in the Human colonies; Earth itself!

Its release is set for next October! Train your thumbs as much as you can to be ready to face Dr. Wily once again in the upcoming Mega Man 11. Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 mark the 30th Anniversary of the legendary Blue Bomber letting you relive his past adventures in a brand new way. Presented in a glorious 8Bit style; these collections contain a huge dose of nostalgia plus the original ten fast-paced action-packed classics that pioneered the jump-and-shoot genre becoming one of the most played and beloved series of all time. Play it today to have an unforgettable heroic experience!

A sudden scream pierces through the TV screen, a horde of horrifying monsters comes nearer. The muscles contract and your body cool down the temperature. Yes, summer is the perfect season to being chilled with terror. So why don’t you win your worst fears playing with them? In the tropical paradise of Banoi, you’ll not you just observe nature; you’ll be part of it. Combining environmental purity, luxury and charm; in here you’ll have an exceptional experience that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life. But, even the Heaven can turn in Hell, and in Dead Island Definitive Edition you’ll learn the real meaning of the word terror. Madness, mayhem, and carnage are just around the corner; try to save the people from a strange virus that transform both tourists and locals in a horde of walking dead. Let yourself be soothed by the serenity of a zombie apocalypse in its purest form; we’re sure that you’ll return to your everyday life profoundly changed…

Since 1996 Resident Evil means terror. Relive the adventures of Chris, Jill, and all the other personalities of this hugely acclaimed survival horror series. Start from the first chapter in which you must investigate at the Spencer Mansion. This building just outside of Raccoon City is inhabited by a wide range of mutant beasts and bloodthirsty zombies. Unveil the truth behind the wicked experiments of the Umbrella Corporation, and try to survive. This is not just a game! If you curious to know the origin of all this bio-organic mess, then play with Resident Evil 0! Rumors say that on the Arklay Mountains there are strange creatures who eat human flesh. Join the S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca Chambers and the anti-hero Billy Coen (a former Marine) to learn if this is just a big hoax or not…
Set between the harrowing events of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6; Resident Evil: Revelations 2 sees Claire Redfield and Moira Burton (the daughter of the legendary Barry Burton) trapped in a derelict prison on a mysterious island filled with grotesque creatures and other unknown horrors. Help them to escape from there, but pay attention as evil is watching…

Cool uh!? Don’t waste your time join the Xbox Game Pass today! You can have ever new (and monthly updated) gameplay experiences for a very cheap price!


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