Rivals of Aether Welcomes Shovel Knight As A Premium DLC

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Rivals of Aether x Shovel Knight


  • Shovel Knight might be an assist trophy for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but he’s a premium DLC for Rivals of Aether
  • This is the 21st cameo appearance of Shovel Knight in games not under its name
  • It costs $4.99 together with its 2014 game’s Trouple Pond stage


Dan Fornance, the developer of Rivals of Aether, announced the inclusion of Shovel Knight as a playable character this September. It will be released in PC version for $4.99 downloadable add-on. Included with him is the 2014’s Trouple Pond stage under the said game.

Here’s the statement of Dan Fornance.

Shovel Knight comes with a huge array of tools from his game and puts them all to use in Rivals of Aether. His attacks knock gems out of his opponents which he can collect to increase his treasure. By taunting, Shovel Knight can summon Chester and spend his treasure on upgrades. This allows players to customize each fight to their needs and experience even more of Shovel Knight’s abilities.

We are incredibly excited to bring such a well-known and beloved character to Rivals of Aether. We are even more excited about the unique playstyle that he brings to the table. Many of his attacks seem simple on first glance but have intricacies in how you can use them, similar to his abilities in his own game. Shovel Knight’s signature Shovel Drop is a big part of his game plan in Rivals of Aether and sets up for his combos.

Despite Shovel Knight just being an assist trophy for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he is taking the limelight in Rivals of Aether. That being said, this appearance marks his 21st cameo in a game that is not under Shovel Knight. And for the recent years, Shovel Knight has been an indie hit selling millions of copies.

Shovel Knight is the second guest character in Rivals of Aether after Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest.

Rival of Aether is available both for PC and Xbox One. And it is said that there will be a “Definitive Edition” for the said game. It will include new Abyss Mode customizations, new online features, launch characters, and other developments for 2019. By the way, we have a Steam Digital Code for Rival of Aether. Just click the button below.



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