Defeat the Machines in the 1980s Sweden Inspired in Generation Zero

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Generation Zero

PlayStation 4™ & Xbox One™ – US

Our End Is Their Beginning

One of the several titles announced by Avalanche Studios, the developers behind the great Just Cause series, is Generation Zero which is coming to the video game industry. This game is an open-world action game set in Sweden during the 1980s. Let’s wait for Generation Zero in 2019 and it’s coming for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fasten your seat belts as we go back to 1980 Sweden. And by the way, here at, it’s now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours right now!


What was Sweden like back in 1980? During that time, it was also known for its economic boom of Sweden. After the 1973 oil crisis, Sweden rose above its economy and began its international economic rise.

You are going on a trip with your friends. However, you discover that hostile machines invade the serene countryside. Now, it’s your mission to save the countryside from these machines. The countryside is unpredictable that the weather is changing a full day and night cycle.

It’s either you go alone or team up to three friends in co-op multiplayer. Combine your skills and with your co-op multiplayer friends to take down the enemies. If your teammates are down, support them by reviving them up. Roam around the countryside to collect items that might help to upgrade your weapons. Eliminate those enemies and collect its armors and weaponry to upgrade your weaponry as well. The machines you face in Generation Zero come in various sizes and types. These enemies are coming to challenge you in new ways using its different armaments and sensory types of equipment.

Generation Zero is now playable at the Gamescom 2018!


The publisher THQ Nordic has released a new trailer of Generation Zero. In this trailer, it explains the main objectives and the main gameplay. Get the feel of the action in the gameplay trailer below.

Alongside with the brand new trailer, a closed beta is coming this Fall. Are you interested PS4 and XONE users out there? Go ahead to the Generation Zero website to sign up! Gamers who are attending the Gamescom 2018, you will able to see Generation Zero first-hand on THQ Nordic’s booth as you experience Gamescom co-op demo.




  • SURVIVE IN A HOSTILE OPEN WORLD – Explore a vast open world, rendered with the award-winning Apex engine, featuring a full day/night cycle with unpredictable weather, complex AI behavior, simulated ballistics, highly realistic acoustics and a dynamic 1980’s soundtrack
  • GET READY. THEN FIGHT BACK – Experience an explosive game of cat and mouse set in a huge open world. In this reimagining of 1980’s Sweden, hostile machines have invaded the serene countryside, and you need to fight back while unraveling the mystery of what is really going on. By utilizing battle tested guerilla tactics, you’ll be able to lure, cripple, or destroy enemies in intense, creative sandbox skirmishes
  • 1-4 PLAYERS SEAMLESS MULTIPLAYER – Go it alone, or team-up with up to three of your friends in seamless co-op multiplayer. Collaborate and combine your unique skills to take down enemies, support downed friends by reviving them, and share the loot after an enemy is defeated
  • STEALTH AND STRATEGY. CO-OPERATE TO LIVE – All enemies are persistently simulated in the world, and roam the landscape with intent and purpose. When you manage to destroy a specific enemy component, be it armor, weapons or sensory equipment, the damage is permanent. Enemies will bear those scars until you face them again, whether that is minutes, hours or weeks later


Check out the latest announcements and pre-orders at the Gamescom 2018. Click the image below!

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