State of Decay 2 – Daybreak Pack DLC Coming This September 12

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State of Decay 2

Daybreak Pack DLC

There are lots of great news divulged during the Gamescom 2018. And one of which will be the release of the Daybreak DLC for State Of Decay 2 on September 12. Can you defend an outpost against waves of zombies and earn rewards for your community?

It was during Gamescom 2018 that Undead Labs and Microsoft announced the first DLC offering for State of Decay 2. And this will be called the “Daybreak Pack.”

There’s more to the Daybreak Pack that fans and gamers will expect. But noteworthy of these will be the new content that will feature an all-new siege defense game mode. This mode boasts rewards and mission. More so, it will also have a co-op action which gives players the chance of playing as Red Talon soldier.

This mode is also a horde mode. As a player, you are tasked to defend the Red Talon tech from the deluge of enemies. The good news is, the community that you’re currently in is actually secluded from the horde. It only means that your in-game progress will not be affected while you’re playing.

Here are the complete details about the Daybreak Pack via Gematsu.

The Daybreak Pack is a brand-new game mode for State of Decay 2 —a re-playable co-op “zombie siege” experience:

  • Team up with friends. Players and up to three teammates play as highly skilled Red Talon soldiers armed with high-end weaponry; together, they will defend a fortified position against waves of oncoming zombies, while a vulnerable technician repairs a critical satellite relay.
  • New enemies and weapons. Among the waves of regular and special zombies players will need to ward off will be a new enemy – the Blood Plague Juggernaut! This is a tougher version of the already powerful juggernaut who will expose players to blood plague. To combat this new scourge, players have access to a new set of CLEO weapons including eight new ranged weapons, six new melee weapons and six new deployable explosives.
  • New rewards and achievements. The more waves you survive, the more rewards you earn. Rewards and unlocked items can be used to fight more efficiently in future Daybreak sessions and players will also be able to access those same unlocked items for their main community of survivors, giving access to the new CLEO weapons, additional accessories and upgrades for their base – including the opportunity to bring in a Red Talon soldier. Lastly Daybreak Pack comes with over two dozen new achievements for State of Decay 2 worth 250 Gamerscore!

Daybreak Pack will be available for fans who own the Standard Edition for $9.99 (USD), and is included with the Ultimate Edition at no additional cost. It will also be available at launch for Xbox Game Pass members with a 10% discount. As an Xbox Play Anywhere game, one digital purchase gets you both the Xbox One and the Windows 10 version of the game. In addition to the release of Daybreak Pack, there will be a content update to continue improving player experience. Keep an eye on for a full list of patch notes when the update goes live!

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